The Tower of the Elephant


Has anyone done this recently and got the trophy? It’s the only one I have left to do yet I can’t get it to pop.

I have watched YouTube videos and tried to do exactly the same but it doesn’t work. Stepped on someone’s head while over 100% encomberance and nothing so tried again at 200% and still nothing.

Also did it by standing on someone’s head while on top of a cliff which caused their body to split in 2 and of course die but still nothing.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks


I tried this with a friend in co-op and we had problems. I joined his game and helped him get the trophy but when it was my turn I could step on his head all day and he wouldn’t die, he didn’t have god mode turned on at the time, but we later discovered because he had god mode enabled earlier before I jumped into his game it was preventing me from killing him. We solved it by both restarting the game and not enabling admin mode. I don’t know if this is the problem your having or if maybe it’s an issue since the patch.


Ours was on an offical pvp server so no option for god mode. Like you though I must of jumped on their head about 10-15 times with no outcome :expressionless:. I never tried it before the latest patch though so I don’t know if it’s an old bug or new one


Hmm I don’t know I got the trophy before the latest patch. You might want to try it in a Co-op session and see what happens.


Yes on official PvP and you both need to be at 500% enc., so when you sum those two you get insta killed :slight_smile:


600% should kill anyone


Thanks for that, will give it a try later! Does it matter if you have any points in encumbrance or not?


Worked for me last night. Was doing some raiding with an ally, not a clan mate.
accidentally dropped on him from a wall and killed him, saw I got the trophy.
We laughed about it and murdered happily ever after.


Not sure, just get overloaded with rock/wood till you reach 500% (same for your friend) and step on his/her head from some rock or cliff.