The Transmogrification Thrall

A thrall that dabbles in sorcery to transform an armor piece or weapon to the appearance of another. You could put him in an Armorer’s, Blacksmith’s, or Carpenter’s Bench. Put some weapons in the work station and instead of the usual bonus recipes you’d get from other thralls, you’d get the weapons you placed into the bench. You’d need Alchemical Base, I know that, but aside from that, I don’t know.

Like say you put a Star Metal sword and an Iron Broadsword into the workbench, and they would show up as available options to craft. Turn the appearance of the Star Metal sword to the Iron Broadsword, or the other way around. It’d only work for similar weapon types, like swords to swords, daggers to daggers etc. It’d be the same crafting ingredients to revert the item back to normal, but will suffer durability loss and will need to be repaired.

I don’t know where they’d spawn, but more than likely some place isolated with a group of them in one spot, talking amongst themselves with workbenches around them.


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My thoughts are that this is just another take on what we’ve been asking for since day one (or before day one, if you count Early Access). Namely a way to decouple looks and stat values to some degree.

However, it will never happen unless whoever decided that “what you see is what you get” is a cardinal rule for PvP has a change of heart.


Perhaps slightly off-topic, but an unintended consequence of the new thrall leveling system is that I now can’t mix-and-match different pieces of my thralls’ armor, without affecting their stats. I have several outfits for them that combine different DLC armor pieces and I’m really proud of how they turned out. Now I’ll have to choose between fashion and function :wink:

A minor gripe, to be sure, but I still wish we could get some leeway when it comes to “fashion”.

Amen. I’m even finding myself wishing for armor stats to have no function on Thralls again, at least that way we were free to just choose the look we wanted.

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I would love that. Think there’s any chance of getting that?

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