The Tribe RP-PVP [NA-PC]

Direct Connect: steam://connect/

Mods Used: Yes,

Discord Link:

Gods: Enabled

Raiding: Enabled, but time gated so you have a chance to defend.

KOS: We do not encourage it but it does happen. However please atleast try to have an in character reason to attack someone and atleast announce your presence.

Server Size: 20 slot currently but willing to upgrade to 70 as we fill up.

Do you want to play on an active vibrant server with a sense of community? If so we may be for you. We are striving to build a light rp community that values the voice of every member of the server from the brand new exile all the way to the max level members. We encourage solo players and small groups to join us. Roleplay and faction warfare is greatly encouraged over griefing. PVP is always on however base raiding will be limited to primetime hours in the evening as offline raiding sucks and we do not encourage this.

There is to be no raiding in noob river, we would like the younglings of the server to have a chance to get a start before moving to more dangerous areas and exposing themselves to raiding.

We have built a battle arena in a central location on the server that can be used for neutral events and will have more details on this based on community growth and input. There is limitless amounts of territory to claim for yourself or your clan.

If any of this interests you come join us and help us forge a path through the exiled lands.

We do not intend to wipe unless absolutely necessary.

Edit: As a side note for the first 2 weeks gathering and XP will be turned up greatly to get everyone going then will be dropped back down accordingly.