The tribe „the purge „ manage to glitch in our base

Hay admins !
I thought Siptah is glitch free !
But they manage to glitch in our base and even drool all our stuff and startet an Avatar !

We want our stuff back and even them banned !!

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You need to report this to Zendesk. Unfortunately I can’t read your event log.

Now they are waiting undermesh under our base with bombs ! We need an admin faaaaasssst

Oh yea they can glitch true walls again i was striped in my bedroom from a other player whitout get killed logging out and back in in front of bases seems to work again

Won’t happen. They also have a big Exiled server and do the same things. They are know cheaters and the whole tribe should be banned.

Now they give themselves our names :roll_eyes: and they are even using 2. accounts -.-

Same thing happen to me. They really need to suspend the purge until they FIX THERE GAME!

I’m not familiar with PSN really, but I’d recommend reporting any cheaters to them as well.

I know XBL will ban players for cheating or excessively toxic behavior that breaks TOs when reported, I had an Aussie friend who got banned for a month for some of the colorful messages he sent

So , I got an answer from „mitra“
They need an Videos evidence how they glitch in our cave base while we have been offline …
Means :
Hey exciles ! Go and cheat everyone as long they’re offline … nothing gonna happen to you !
Well , I guess it’s time to stop with funcom .

So surely you recorded them raiding from the undermesh?
That would be sufficient evidence to support your case.

You can’t possibly expect a solution, or ban, when you provide no evidence.

We got screenshots out of the PvP time , a base where it’s impossible to get inside ( many doors )
A time ( eventlog ) where we got looted ( while we have been offline ! )
And level 20 players with a rhino and max thralls ( ours )
Screenshots from Chat history’s while there looting us .

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We manage to kill them with gas arrows , sadly we couldn’t see him , just his voip and 2 little explosions under our base .

Nothing is impossible…

I don’t doubt what you’re saying, but you need irrefutable evidence. Like video, or screen shots of the player doing the exploit.

That means unfortunately there will be instances where players can get away with exploits. But it should also ensure that no innocent players are banned in the process.

Good luck!

So … I’ve they wouldn’t have glitched , they where able to open the door of our base to bring the stuff away ? Yep sure .
I understand this point !
But it’s so clear that they done it ( by the log , the time , the Screenshots and and and …)
But it’s still not enough ?
Sorry . I just can see 2 options :
1: stop playing Conan with my people cause funcom couldn’t get the meshing under control .
2:Start doing the same cause you won’t be behind this unfair players .
But Iam gonna stop playing .
Iam … we … are all heavy disappointed by funcom .

I don’t know the layout of your base, so I can’t comment.

Like I said, I don’t doubt what you are saying. I know that it is entirely possible for someone to do this.

They are still working on the anti-undermesh system, and it has not yet been implemented on siptah. So players are unfortunately abusing it.

If you quit they win. I know it is frustrating trying to play against cheaters. But you will come back bigger, and stronger!

Just store everything before you log out. That way even if they undermesh they can’t open locked chests outside raid time.

If all else fails I would advise trying a private server with an active discord, dynamic building damage, and admins.


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