The truth about the next patch

They could do something sneaky like invalidate any zeal collected before patch day for either gods or bubbles.

In other words, you can keep that massive stockpile of zeal you gathered pre-patch and use it to craft anything except a god token or a bubble. You’d need fresh zeal for those.

Still the same thing. You’re taking something that people worked hard for and making it pretty much worthless. There’s very… very little that actually requires zeal to make beyond the god tokens and bubbles. Iirc it’s usually JUST the blessed versions of weapons and maybe one or two other things. Nothing of which would require more than say 20 tokens total. Well… Now everyone in the clan has 20 of the damned weapons (Which don’t require tokens to repair) now what do you do with the rest which are taking up space? ‘Throw them away?’ And there you have it.

Invalidating them is the exact same thing as taking them away. As someone who spends a lot of their time solo as well, even I can’t support that thought process.

Plus, this would require a new item type for the game to get it functional which won’t happen.

Why should somebody throw his avatars away just to gain an advantage they already have? You only can do that if you have more zeal than your opponent which is the very same situation before and after the patch. But if you do so, you have to collect the same hard way as all others. Thus you will keep your nice zeal stock in case you need it instead throwing it away for some awkward maybe short living advantage.

EDIT: Something you should take more care about are the blessed weaopons. You need 50 zeal for them to make which is now a considerable increase of effort to make this weapons. Sure they are not bad, but badass neither. Funcom should balance this beauties and reduce cost or improve their stats.

And I massively disagree with yours. Yes, PvP servers are meant to be like wild west, but it ruins the game - any game, ever - if it is easy and necessary for one clan to monopolize a server. Which your gameplay style suggests has to happen inevitably. If you are a strong clan, you don´t want to get wiped just like no one else does, and so you will try to do whatever you can to prevent that. Now if wiping bases is easy no matter what the defenders do and how much they invest into their defenses, even significantly weaker and smaller clans or even solo players will have a good chance to at least strongly damage and raid your base. So what is the only rational course of action for this alpha clan to maintain their alpha status? Raid and grief EVERYONE ALL THE TIME. Which will quickly devolve into a complete monopoly of a single alpha clan over each PvP server. So then NO ONE will really have fun playing the game - the alphas will never again have any worthy opponents, and the remaining 95% of players will never even get a chance to build anything more than a basic T1 base before they get wiped.

Maybe you are a maso.chist (why the hell is that word censored???) who enjoys playing a game where they can never realistically get to the end game stuff, like the best weapons, armors and healing, T4 thralls, top pets, nice large T3 base etc. etc., but I can pretty much guarantee that the majority of players of any game ever does not share that sentiment.

I think he was trying to point out that raiding others will become super easy, even though the way he worded himself was rather stupid and confusing.

This is how you treat players where English is not their native language?

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Eye tu speak inglisch az a foreighn languake but in most keses its enuf to express meiself!

An alpha will be an alpha, after the patch like it was before. Its activity, number of players and cunning which puts it ahead. Or the lack of it with the others. With or without zeal.

Please, keep the conversation civil or we will have to proceed to close the thread.

Well… yes? I don´t see any problem with what I wrote, I did not call HIM stupid, I just called the way he expressed himself in this particular instance stupid and confusing, which it absolutely was. If you are bad at English, then the inevitable result is that the way you express your opinions IN English will be stupid and/or confusing.

Yes, but this change has the potential to make this game a) even harder for solo players and b) strongly shift the dynamics to where it will be even more of a no-life full-time game. It is currently possible to raid anything, anywhere, although there are ways to make it super hard and obnoxious and expensive, which is good imo. That way, determined players can set their base up to be non-lucrative for anyone and only people who are their sworn enemies, or just have a crapton of bombs and gods laying around and like some extra challenge, will go for their base, which again, is good imo. There is no reason to nerf base defense, and tbh, this doesn´t even do that, it just makes both defense AND raiding more of a grind fest.

Ofc game adres to children. They do not do pvp they dont care about bosses who die at spawn (falling out of thron :slight_smile: ) they build and that is it, in 2 years have you see any update to improve pvp servers ? I did not all i see is bugs and bugs when it comes to pvp, they add conetent bug content, foe a 12 year old all you need is content not quality. If you adress to a more mature players they will qq about the exploits and bugs. Marketing mate nothing more then just preary pictures that makes your ayes smile :slight_smile: when you login and start fighting you realise the game has no soul is a empty shell made to sell not to play.

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