The Turtle Troll - A new Griefing Method?

You monster :sob:

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished:
I knew it!!
My pet turtle “Donatello” always look so calm and innocent, I wonder what his real agenda is, maybe some pizza will satisfy him… a bit, but I have tried so many times to explain to him that I cannot make pizza :sob:

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you monster :rofl:

You’re not missing anything fun or nice. This guy showed up on the server one day and started building a crapload of T1 stuff on top of resource nodes around @Mostly_Charmless base. Then he (or she?) proceeded to build T1 blockades on the natural “bridges” around that plateau. The turtle thing is just the latest way to troll @Mostly_Charmless.

Fortunately, the whole thing hasn’t spread out across the server yet, it’s fairly “confined” to that part of the map. Whoever this person is, he/she is an expert in toeing the line, and doing everything to harass the victim without committing an egregiously bannable offense (e.g. walling @Mostly_Charmless in, or walling off the Bat Vault).

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The dude trolling me is pretty much wrecking the area with foundation spam, blocking landbridges, wild surges and the bat vault. It is really weird since it is a pvc server. Some people are just like that I guess. I’m having what fun is possible with it.


Seems like Ethot Specialist clan lost their appetite for feeding my thralls. I’ve seen a significant reduction in the number of turtles roaming about.

You don’t have to go all ham like I did ringing your perimeter with palisade. You can just drop 3 or 4 here and there, pick them up and frame the little guys in when you see them.

They die quick. Takes about 15 seconds max once you get the technique.

Curious what devious silliness he will come up with next.


You meant “Turtle War!” right?


I’m afraid that he shell return


Could be worse than turtles it could actually be a few dozen Conan’s wonder around like Homer Simpson’s sperm. Playing on a private server when the game first came out the owner thought we had done something wrong sent a admin to punish us. Dragons would been easier for us. Conan didn’t attack just would stick in doors and such had to build stairs around walls to get in and out. Fortunately they went away after a few days. I don’t even know how he spawned them on ps4 in admin.

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Oh this guys is creative!

My clan name is “Indecent” spelled with an I as in eye.

He changed his clan name to lndecent with a lowercase L.

He hopes the confusion will get me erased I am sure.

I guess I shouldn’t have been so amused at his antics.


He did with more of his turtle army. No personal touch though. No names. Just “Turtle”.


No front, but this made me chuckle. If there is one person playing this game knowing you, not getting the irony of your own complaint I would be surprised :smiley:
P.S. How can such an experienced player like you still be using kilns?^^

I must have missed something. I’m not using kilns in Siptah. I’m using the fuel efficient furnace. I think you must have me mistaken for someone else. You did see my post that he copied my clan name with a misspelling, perhaps you saw his T1 stations (everything he has is T1). Kilns - haven’t seen them on the server.

I agree the turtles are funny. There isn’t much funny about locking up resources from other players with spam (nodes, bridges, bottlenecks, vaults, etc. )

I don’t know about him, but I’m using them, too. Here’s my reason:

The kiln outperforms every furnace except the fuel-efficient one, and I can fit 3-4 kilns into the same surface area footprint that 1 fuel-efficient furnace needs. If I wanted to go vertical, too, that would be 6-8.

Yeah, you missed that he was replying to someone else :wink:


Oof. I deserved to be griefed for missing that.

Is this a pve server?

It’s PVE-C

Bring your own turtle army and let them fight on!

Im flabbergasted by what griefers inventing to annoy other players, but this is the first time I see something funny LOL

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