The undead at Cairn of the first Men are insane *lol*

I was out exploring and ran into a little stone ring at G8 called Cairn of the first men.
There was 4-5 of those new halfskinned skeleton men, no problem my thrall and I have taken out the same amount of wights, bosses and other fairly hard creatures with little to no problems, but boy was I wrong :joy:
I decided to aggro the closest, but they all came at me, they weren’t interested in my fighter thrall so I tried to get some distance to them, and that is when things started to go wrong, my horse decided to get so close to me that I got stuck, so they killed me in just a few seconds, my level 18 T3 fighter thrall just stood there watching.
Spawned back at my bed and prepared for a very long run to get my epic armor and weapons back again + get my horse and thrall with me back home.
I made it back to my corpse, saw my thrall was constantly getting knocked down by those guys without ever being able to hit them back and she had roughly 2/3 hp left, I quickly got everything in place and put my fighter on follow and ran a bit away, she was already dangerously low on hp, but she insisted on running back to them and got killed in 10-15 seconds.
As I mentioned, she was level 18 T3 Vanir loysing fighter with really good stats and had almost 2900 hp wearing heavy epic armor(close to 900),epic mace and shield, but with these guys, 2 of them had a hammer and another a spear, it probably wouldn’t matter because they all attacked so fast and kept knocking her down with no possibility to fight back, so it would likely only be a matter of time.
After she was dead they turned at my level 20 horse and I could litterally see its 3100 hp go down insanely fast, so I quickly got on my horse and rode to safe distance and parked it there, then I went back to my fighters corpse to get the weapons and armor, they were now busy killing 3 rhinos where one of them were a black one, but they brought them down insanely fast, so I decided to at least skin the rhinos after they had killed them, I also found 2 dead buffalos, not a single of those undead died during all this which makes me question some things…
Are these guys a new type of super enemies or was I just witnessing some randomness that turned out to make them, look harder than they are supposed to be?
Anyway it was fun and also a bit scary to see them kill everything near them extremely fast, making the wights and other creatures around the tower look like a walk in the park :grin:

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There are a few of those Cairns of first men and they are tough but not unkillable

with return order, you will have saved your thrall, run away , and keep ordering return order (keybind the order), return order = come close to me & disengage

t3 figher thralls find in wild storm are trash, to get a real fighter summon a t2 or t3 surge. and with a t4 surge you will have killers that will have 10k hp at least when leveled.

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Yes I have killed some of them before in other locations, just never 4-5 of them at once, but the speed and constant knock down of my thrall made me think perhaps these were different, but I guess it was just some freak coincidence of them disabling my fighter completely to fight back. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice of key-binding the thrall return command, haven’t been playing for some time so wasn’t aware that you could bind that command :slight_smile:
Just started on an official PVE Siptah server Friday last week and was level 60 2 days ago, so haven’t had much time to learn the ins and outs of Siptah.
Yeah I know the T3 fighters from wild surge isn’t the best, didn’t know though that a T3 fighter from summoned surge are better… Good to know :+1:
I haven’t tried the summoned surge just yet, mostly because a guy on the server told me that there were 3 clans on there that did nothing but foundation and fence spam everywhere just to annoy everyone else and also kill/steal thralls from other peoples summoned surge… It’s a freaking PVE server, but jerks are everywhere, I’ll find out how bad it really is when I get to it :sweat_smile:

In my current incident at that place I don’t think a bulky T4 fighter would have made any difference if they are constantly knocked down/stun locked and stacked with bleed and sunder… It would only take some more time, but key binding the follower return command will most likely come in handy… Again thanks :slight_smile:

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