The Undying Ruins (18+ Roleplaying Server)

The Undying Ruins

If I discovered within myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy… the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world

“Why am I here?”

“That is the question that many will ask… though some know the truth. Perhaps they committed a horrific crime or perhaps they are very much innocent. But does innocence really exist? I say nay… you can argue of course but you are here. In exile… in The Undying Ruins… Can you leave you ask? You can certainly try, though the results are quite fatal…”

Here at The Undying Ruins you will find hate… chaos and misfortune. But with that also love… happiness and hope. Do you have what it takes to change your destiny? Or perhaps you are brave enough to follow the path that was laid before you… whichever you choose you will find that no matter, your task with be most difficult. For on this path will be beasts, rivals and dark forces to try and stop you from succeeding.

Come join us at The Undying Ruins, a place to RP and PVP! Yes! We are both! Though RP comes first of course!

Character transfers are available.

Great Community with involved Admins. Come join us and lets create an epic story!

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