The Undying Ruins

Here at The Undying Ruins you will find hate… chaos and misfortune. But with that also love… happiness and hope. Do you have what it takes to change your destiny? Or perhaps you are brave enough to follow the path that was laid before you… whichever you choose you will find that no matter, your task with be most difficult. For on this path will be beasts, rivals and dark forces to try and stop you from succeeding.

Come join us at The Undying Ruins, a place to RP and PVP! Yes! We are both! Though RP comes first of course :slight_smile:

Server Information ~
Direct Connect:
Mods? Yes, currently running the following:

  1. Pippi -

  2. Pickup + -

  3. Immersive Sexiles Extensions -

  4. Conan Sexiles -

Character Transfers?
Yes we do character transfers for those that are coming from other servers.

We speak things into existence… speak your power and become it!

The Dark Temple’s guards would follow the Seer to the Set City to guard her as she spread her Truths… all who wished to know their destiny would seek her out and pay a small price to hear her cunning words. Word would travel of this… but did many dare to seek the Seer of Set?

Date/Time: Sunday May 6th 2018/ 5 pm- 7 pm EST
Location: The Set City
Purpose: To allow players to meet the Seer and other players that might attend <3