The Unofficial Official PVP (No boosts, standard gameplay + admin)

Im not the admin for this server just posting to spread the word

Unofficial Server 1931.5 -

Standard rates, only boost that exists is a 2x multiplier on exp to help refugees from officials bounce back. For everyone that just wants to play the game as it was meant to be without exploiters or dupers, no freaky admin shops that mess with the balance and no crazy 10x boost to gathering that makes bases feel cheap and worthless - this is it. It’s the official experience with the benefit of an admin.

Server is stable, and it isn’t hosted by gportal, so instead of having laggy useless thralls that don’t do anything they will fight reliably. Server hosts respond quick to issues so problems are fixed within 20 minutes. Community is chill, numbers are steadily growing. No ping limit, so you can play from anywhere. Server is still new, only been up a few weeks.

Hope to see you folks in.