The update won't install on my consoles

With the update last week the game will not work at all. During the update it stopped at 3.4 %

and would go no further. So I reinstalled the game with the exact same results, at 3.4 % at the exact time the “game ready chime” hits it stops and will go no further. Once the chime went off at 3.5% and again stopped working. The darn game will not download at all. I like the game so much I went and bought a new console hoping that would fix it, and it did not. Please tell me what to do. I spent all of Saturday working with Xbox trying to get this to work and they have said it must be a funcom issue and told me to contact them for further information. We have done several factory resets etcetera and none of them worked. What should I do? I cannot find how to actually call Funcom either

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@Community can you help. Welcome to the Forum.

This would be better placed under Xbox bug reports.

Are you somehow connected with a proxy server ? If you buy a new console and have the same problems with updating it looks as if there is a defect somewhere between your console & the update server.
Did you try both, wired & wireless connection ?

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