The utter failure that is the new healing system

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So since the 18/09 hotfix some things have changed with the healing system. They increased the healing amount and duration on food healing - but the system is still nowhere near what it should be.

New players/Early game
At the moment the new healing system is just a trainwreck. Unless you’re not a new player anymore - and you know exactly what to do and where to go - there is no opportunity to heal yourself when you arrive on the Isle of Siptah. You will fight 10+ mobs and if you’re lucky and picked the right route then you can craft some Healing Wraps. That’s terrible and it will only drive new players away.

Another problem is the fact that you can’t break the animation for healing wraps. You see a dog or a crocodile running at you, but for some reason that only Mitra knows, you can’t stop bandaging yourself until you are attacked. It’s like not being able to stop tying your shoelace when there’s a truck coming right at you. Alex’s reply to this issue in the Q&A was disapointing to say the least. All he said was “We’ll think about it”. Since when am I playing this game to please Alex?

This skill has virtually become useless. There is zero incentive for me to make anything other than shredded roast.

So now that we have become completely reliant on aloe-based healing, we are in constant need of wraps and potions. However, wraps and potions only stack to 10. On top of that wraps weigh 5.80 and potions weigh 8.80. This means that at early levels (when the need for healing is greatest) you are constantly weighed down by wraps and/or potions. When this was adressed during the Q&A we got this reply:

“It comes down to the combinations of consumables you bring for their builds. They need to see the effectiveness of player builds with those consumables in actual use in PvE and PvP and other scenarios before they settle on a final number. The current numbers are subject to change based on feedback and player testing.”

I couldn’t believe it when I heard it. Doesn’t Funcom have a teslive client? Isn’t there a specific group of testplayers that gives Funcom feedback on these kinds of changes in a test environment? I just want to play the game I bought and enjoy it, but instead I have to spend my free time as a guinea pig or here on the forums writing about these issues. Use the testlive client and the testplayers to test these radical changes - don’t take away my free time to implement a broken system that hasn’t even been fleshed out yet.

The last point I want to make is about pacing. Since the new healing system was introduced the pace of the game has changed dramatically an I find myself constantly bandaging and picking leaves. A few things that might make it a little more tolerable is if Funcom introduced an iron sickle and if they made Fierce Vitality (the passive health regen) the first perk instead of the third.

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