The void. wiped 5/17. pvp. no mods. 24/7 raiding


Hello all!

The void is a great server that wiped 5/17 and we’re looking for lots of new players to claim some land and play the game the way its meant to be played!

Little to no rules except no cheating.
Events in admin arenas including a battle royale event!
Prizes including thralls, armor, and legendary weapons.
Active admins to ensure no exploits and the best possible gameplay!




A couple changes have been made to the server, which take you back to a time when you took pride in what you did and the game was fun. Now 24/7 raiding and all pvp. This server has always been a great place to run around, farm, explore, and just plain ole kill people. Come on over and join us! Direct Connect below! Hollar in server and we can shoot you Disco as well!! See you there!!

Direct Connect: