The war over official server 1541

Day by day I gather my strength to resume the fight. The Governing powers who were once in control of a peaceful land were dethroned in their short absence and a new power arose. The “Bull Dynasty” came to be but their rival and equally powerful faction the “Vegemites” were not happy with the new leadership. A Ferocious and long battle ensued and many lives were lost. The Serpent God was summoned to help maintain order but it wasn’t enough to deter the unrelenting onslaught of explosives and orbs at the Vegemites disposal. Most of the Bull Dynastys clan ran like cowards or joined rival groups. All in the mean time A group named “Gamer Girls” was waiting for their chance to strike. They attacked at random and scoured the wasteland for weak unsuspecting people and became a force of chaos. Now The same governing bodies that originally controlled the lands gather their remaining forces to take back what was rightfully theirs…I am CHAMPIONOFWILLS and I WILL NOT give up so easily for I AM THE BULL DYNASTY and you will pay for your treason you weak cowards. The war is now…are you ready?

Sounds like you have an axe to grind … or bury (in someone’s head).
One of those groups … I know of them. But I only know of them and nothing more.

You also remind me of the Pirate Captain who was cast out of the Black Galleon.

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The OP… This guy gets Conan. May Crom grant you success. If not, to hell with him!

Psst he’s a set follower lol

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