The Watcher Above / Captain Below

Game mode: Online
Problem: Major Bug
Region: America

So since yesterday with the new update, my friends and I already went through and completed the new dungeons.
We found that you can actually knock out the Watcher Above and Captain Below and seen they have a whopping 40.5k Health Pool.
Had a bit of fun with them before bed, tried him out on the Mounds of the Dead (not a real test but was easy nonetheless).
Logged out with him geared in full Silent Legion and my ONLY SWORD OF CROM.

Log back in this morning and find that the same named T4 Fighter Thrall, previously known as The Captain Below is now an unnamed, unmovable thrall with nothing in his inventory???

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Knock out one of the new bosses.
2.Drag to a thrall wheel.
3.Wait for the thrall to be completed and place it.
4.Log back in after daily reset.

I’ve died 5 times to absolute BS since this supposed “update” and now just more crap keeps coming up.
Maybe you guys should actually do a proper “test” on your content before releasing more problems you don’t have solutions for.


Yeah I am having the exact same issue as well in addition to many other bugs since the update. Currently on an official PVE server and also tamed a few captains below and watchers above from the sunken city. All of which are now bugged. All the armor and weapons I put on them are gone and they are also immovable. I lost a full set of flawless Turanian medium armor as well as my sword of the adventurer. Not to mention because they are immovable and in my home structure they are now impairing my ability to renovate and finish my structure.

P.s The passage to the north from the jungle is bugged and impossible to climb out of, literally a death trap if you fall in…

Hey there,

The Watcher Above and other similar bosses are not supposed to be converted to thralls. It’s an issue that our team has fixed internally and will be patched live soon. That’s why they’re showing such unintended behavior.
Apologies for the frustration.


Same issue. And here it took a bit of time to knock them out and drag through portal to closest wheel of pain. Could you at the very least make them moveable. They infringe on everything. I would like to place outside of wall to either be killed by purge or another player. I think reducing their hp pool to 9900 at conversion would have been a better option than just making them an immovable statue.

In the next hotfix they won’t be knockable, as intended. We would also recommend not stocking up on them as any existing thralled version of them will be wiped once that patch is released.


The official server 3561 pvp (america) crashed yesterday and my thrall following me : The Watcher Above, was just gone. I understand (now) that we cant use them but I would very much appreciate to recover the Silent Legion armor and the Telith’s sorrow sword I have put on him. Cauz now the Thrall has just disappeared with it I’ve been searching for hours.

Edit : My clan is named Ballzy, online ID is Nickochky we started a week or so ago so this was our third silent legion armor made.

Actually, the ones being placed were killed and the ones being in a storage will be killed once placed. People on the PC version report them being deleted and gear lost so you may actually want to follow the advice.

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Thank god because this is extremely frustrating cause its made this base a nightmare to try and raid because of how many watcher aboves and Hat’She’s they have as thralls. They get them to follow them everywhere too. If they have more in chests, will they be wiped also or just placed ones?

When is this hot fix coming out I have a lot of angry people on my private server

As soon as it passes certification. If there are no hiccups, it should be released tomorrow or Thursday at the latest.

how surprising…good luck to funcom with their customers

All the Watcher about thralls are still here they just say performer and you can’t move them or kill them or anything this is still a problem on my server even after your update I am running a PS4 server

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