The way of the ninja-bugfix

(post withdrawn by author)

Ninja-fixes I’ve discovered since the last update:

  • Players attempting to apply or refresh the Incendiary Grenades damage over time effect on the same target would overwrite all Incendiary Grenade DoT effects currently active and only refresh for the player who had last cast the ability.
  • The Mnemonic Guardian - Risen Executioner, a gadget which reduces the strength of leech, barrier, and healing of its target for ten seconds, could be applied multiple times to the same target with different gadget qualities. This would allow players to burn through the barrier of the Aspect of the Many-Limbed and ignore the usual mechanic of guiding the boss into the sunlight to purge it of its barrier instead. The boss could be killed in fewer than 30 seconds instead of one to four minutes. But this gadget had a more nefarious application. The Machine Tyrant’s Anima Depletion reflect shield could be removed entirely and would not refresh itself, breaking the Machine Tyrant’s script in a number of ways, such as no longer needing to purge the shield in Anima wells, making the encounter far easier than it should be.

I have nothing specific to report but it does boggle the mind the very minor fixes they add to patch notes sometimes yet neglect to include things that have a potentially fair to good impact on the game in some way.

I can only surmise that the programmers fix things and either forget to make note of the fix or do not deem it worthy of attention for one reason or another.

Sometimes I get the impression games that do ninja fixes are somehow ashamed of a particular bug and hope it goes unnoticed that it was finally fixed. Not just this game, mind you, I’ve encountered ninja fixes in other games on occasion, even ones that provide very meticulous patch notes.

I will say this though, I have sometimes felt like SWL patch notes are rather light, and I always hope more was fixed or changed that was recorded therein. Especially when we get a one-or-two-liner after 2 months of absolutely nothing.


The game used to only update your character’s appearance on the character select screen during a login, so it would always lag one session behind your actual appearance. At some point it seems to have changed to happen during log_out_ instead, meaning you always see your current appearance on that screen. I’d like whichever dev was responsible to know that I noticed and appreciated the effort, as minor a thing as it was. :v: