The wiki and the current release for platforms

The DLC Isle of Siptah has been released on the PC, but not yet for the platforms. This is creating a problem for the Xbox users and we apologize.

Were we to await full release to update the wiki with the current volunteers would be a bad thing, since a few folks have been working hard to have it ready for you.

There is a temporary solution, though, and we wanted to detail it here and on the PS4 board. If you have questions, please feel free to post here, or join the fan-based discord channel (be forewarned you may be asked to volunteer :stuck_out_tongue:).

To see the current platform information it’s still there, two clicks away. First, click on History:

Next, click on a date near, or prior, to 1 November, 2020.

That’s all you need to do to get what you need. The page shown will be what you are experiencing now.

Again, we apologize for the extra steps, but want to be up to date when the full release hits both platforms !




Thanks Jim

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Thanks Jim. Hopefully they can fix the stability and it sticks with siptah :confused:


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