The wildlife needs a facelift

ROCKNOSES NEVER DESERVED THIS LOVE (god I hate them, their loud af and useless to harvest)

Haha xD


Those are the very few animals now that can outrun you. It’s helluva annoying thing, but still WAAAY better now. You can basically outrun everything, even big cats, canines… that’s so cheap. I hope almost all of the wildlife gets a speed boost.

Agreed, but animals should protect their territory not always attack on sight, that’s what annoys me in Conan everything even the stupid goats feel the need to harras you on sight…

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But the deer and rabbits!

Though truthfully, at least the carnivores will sometimes remember that they want to eat other things at times.

Can you show me any game with better horses? Exept rdr2, because rdr2 is a game about horses.
Also demanding anatomically correct animals in survival game where mobs cant properly attack player due to bad pathing is ridiculous

Have you been playing recently? NPCs can path pretty well right now and don’t even get stuck on rocks.

So bored I took my pet wolf out to level up a few days ago, and he kept pouncing on air. Apparently the pathing is not that good.

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I do find it amusing that you can be walking around with a lion pet and a goat sacks up and says “fight meh!”


I hate them too :slight_smile:
But after the changes not so much anymore. And the wilde one give now good recourses. The black ice noses give me enough black ice while traveling around their area. So I don’t need other black ice farming trips anymore.

It would be nice if there where blackicenose pets for the animal pen. Like gold, silver iron and chrystal. 2 animal pens with gold, silver and normal noses and I need only stones most of the time.

But indeed I hate the sound of them so much. Its been a while ago that I visit a dafari camp, but if its not fixed they do sometimes Rocknose sounds too. Whyyy? :face_vomiting:

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Ark, Witcher 3, planet zoo.

The key part here is anatomy, all of these games succeed in representing a horse that is more accurate and pleasing to the eye. While artistic stylizing is indeed important for the game brand, the core anatomical fundamentals should still be there. This is true for all art.

The Conan horse has muscles where they aren’t, a pin head, no withers or defined scapula, bad neck position, no rig cage (really, is just a stomach), very bad fetlock and hoof position, the muzzle is to squared off, the mandible bone is deformed, head too short, there is no pelvic bone, the Fetlocks are deformed and almost non existent and the stifle is in line with the hock which is the worst anatomical mistake I can see. The crazy part is Ark who was initially an indi got the horse anatomy right.



As for the other wildlife, I present the bug eyed hyena.


You’re thinking of the Pleistocene; the Miocene Epoch spanned from twenty-three to five million years ago, long before humans even existed as a species.

With that paleontological nerdery out of the way, I absolutely agree that a lot of the animals in this game could do with some upgrades. I don’t mean to dump on the artists who designed them, but some of the models just bug the hell out of me.

  • The crocodiles look like they were drawn by someone who saw a crocodile once when they were a kid. There are a lot of different species of crocodilian, and none of their heads look like that.

  • The feet of the bird models look like something out of a cartoon. As a weirdo who enjoys drawing bird and dinosaur feet this rankles me quite a bit.

  • The horses are ugly. They just are. Their proportions are weird and their mouths are constantly hanging open. And why are the foals’ necks so long?

  • The wolf and sabertooth models look…the best description I can think of is cartoonishly edgy.

  • The camel looks like it’s modeled after a dromedary, but it has two humps like a Bactrian. (Though to be fair here there were more camel species in the past so this could just be one that has since become extinct.)

  • The enlarged canines on the bears look like something out of a cartoon that just lazily slaps saber teeth on everything as a visual shorthand for “prehistoric.”

  • The baby Komodo dragons are just shrunk down versions of the adults, while in real life baby monitor lizards have noticeably different proportions and coloration from the adults.

  • The gray apes are constantly staring at the ground like they’re Michael Cera in that Arrested Development gif. And if they’re supposed to be “de-evolved” Lemurians, why do they only have three fingers and toes?

  • The vultures are weird because while they look very good…they look like they’re based on turkey vultures, which are only found in the Americas. For the part of the world that the Conan stories are set, some species of Gyps would be much more appropriate.

Am I a picky nerd? Yes. Am I seriously arguing that Funcom’s art team should be saddled with the extra work of remodeling half the game’s animals? Not really. But I’m gonna complain anyway, because that’s just the kind of nerd that I am.

Not all of these would be problems of course, if the designs were consistent. But we’ve got stylized crocodiles and wolves and cats hanging around fairly realistic gazelles and kudu and deer, and the difference in visual styles is jarring.


Since I spend a lot of time with my horse/car, i would really appreciate a remodeling. As for the other animals, mostly I like them but there is room for improvement. My dear sabertooth stares like a villain from a Tom & Jerry cartoon.

Walking around in the beautiful biomes admiring the good view and then it happens…


And you’ll get humped and abused against your will :’)

The cats are loud af as well :'D

The funny thing is that there are several places where crocodiles stand over half-decomposed corpses and … slurp… :rofl: although real crocodiles simply cannot do this, they drag corpses under water and tear off pieces of meat there with rotational body movements.

Ugh even ignoring their appearance the crocodiles bug the hell out of me. Crocs are among my favorite animals and the way this game does them so wrong drives me up the wall.

They don’t even swim!


They still has lot of pathing issues and many pets cant attack enemies still, they instead bite air

Planet zoo is animal sim, ofc horses will look better there. Ark? its the same. CE has horse model from Age of Conan which was 2008 game. FC are lazy at creating new assets for this game, most of them are from AoC

ALL of the details and proportions of CE horses are generally identical to Shire Horses. I’d bet my buns the modeler used a Shire as a reference. And Shire horses are considered one of the best riding experiences there are.

Comparing a few images

As far as the general animal detail in the game goes it’s the best of class. Class being a survival game. Head and body proportions of the non-mythical creatures are fine. There’s so much variety even among a single breed on the planet today that one can’t really say any of these are wrong - let alone that this is supposed to be thousands of years ago… Micro-evolution people… It’s a thing! :wink:

And yep, Hyena can be bug-eyed…



Not to mention what they may have looked like some thousands of years ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

Although usually a growl squints the eyes:

I completely disagree, the horse isn’t even close to the anatomy of a shire, and even here you can see just how anatomically incorrect the horse is… horse skeletons do not differentiate so drastically in shape between breeds.

As for hyenas, they are certainly not bug eyed, even their ancestors had deep set lacrimals. The images your provided only confirmed that hyena eyes are set quite well in the socket and none show even a remote resemblance to the game modes eye position which has the eyes outside of the eyelids.



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