!THE WITCHER EXILED!-×5-Permanent-CustomEvents

Hello Exileds!I invite you to visit and try our conan exiles playstation server: !!THE WITCHER EXILED!!
-Pvp server permanent (Because of a bug known by funcom, the server age on PS4 is always 0)
-Exp and harvest x5.
-Reduced thirst and hunger.
-Build wherever you want, always respecting dungeons and important spawn areas.
-Damage to PvP buildings from 18:00 to 23:00 every day.
-Enabled Dynamic Building Damage for prevent offline raid
-Disabled buildings, thralls and pets decay.
-Reduced distance between thralls for more efficiency.
-Item weight & crafting cost halved
-The admin tribe “School Of The Wolf” does not play and its buildings are for the players want role-playing and future events.
-We are looking for active and participative people so that we can create events more regularly.
-Do not steal or abuse the weakest players, to encourage the growth of the tribes and their spectacular large-scale wars.

Take a look at this video of one of our emblematic buildings to role play and let’s go party!!

Come visit us, and enjoy our welcome event “The Korin’s Tower”.

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Welcome to the Forum. Always good to see another private server owner.