"The Workshop" - Custom linings holding stats - armor holding appearance

Combine an armor lining with a stat potion made on the advanced alchemist firebowl to create a stat-enriched lining in the Workshop.

Combine this lining with a pre-existing armor like a mod to “convert” it’s stats to the one enriched upon the lining.

Thermo protection, armor rating, and “flawless”/ “epic” status are host-armor dependent and preserved.

This way the wheel needs not be re-invented. It just requires a lot of donkey-work of creating permutations of all linings that each hold one of the stats.

The armor quality decides the magnitude of the stats.

And I just did the maths… 105 new linings would have to be created.

3x5 (light, medium, heavy x Hat, BP,Gloves, Boots, Pants) = 15 linings

15x7 (15 lining variants enriched with either STR, END, GRT, ENC, AGI, VIT or SRV.) = 105 linings

105 linings listed in the workshop, requiring stats potions as ingredients. Working like the current in-game armor mods do.

Caveat: An item can’t be modded twice, so I don’t mind if the stat mod is mutually exclusive to armor flexibility kits etc.

Furthermore… if modded armors are actually new items in their own right, then the amount of new assets required would grow exponentially, in which case:

I seriously won’t mind taking a vacation, and come visit Norway, to work as a volunteer to do the donkeywork of implementing 900 + items to make this system work.

All I would need from you guys is a couch to sleep on, and use your shower from time to time.

I’d love to have the opportunity to work with Funcom and i’m in a unique position to actually be able afford this arrangement.

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