The worst customer service!

I have sent support tickets and in-game petitions 7 days ago regarding my account and not a single response. This is absolutely ridiculous!

Yet they don’t seem to have a problem taking all of my money!

I was charged for a 12 month subscription without my consent.

It is a recurring subscription model, meaning that unless you cancel your subscription before it runs out they will auto renew for you. it’s not their fault you didn’t read the fine print.

Regardless whose fault it is, customer or funcom… funcom should have a representative looking into the issue. Telling you something, anything (you’re stupid or not… it is funcom mistake or not). But not answering at all…hmmm

Exactly! Instead they just choose to ignore.

On top of that they charged me for a 12 month sub and yet I still have a F2P account!!!

Hi there @Mrsmoov! Sorry to hear you’re having billing issues. We are not able to directly assist you with billing and money issues on the forums here, but I can confirm your ticket has been received and will be addressed as quickly as possible. We’ve been slammed with requests recently so wait times are longer than anyone would like.

We appreciate your patience and understanding while we work to get to your ticket. In the meantime, however, we must remind you to not fight with other users and mind our Social Guidelines. Calling other people names isn’t going to make your issue resolved any faster :frowning:


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