The worst patches of aoc

I think one of worst patch was CC revamp.
Literally half of pvpers quit this game right after this patch came out.(atleast from my server)
Funcom changed it because they wanted to make CC’s usage more about ‘timing’(they said like this), but its far from timing actually.
Fight was more dynamic and had higher skill ceiling before. Now people just spam CC’s ramdomly because you can’t land CC’s when you exactly want. And no more fake combo CCs to make foe waste their CC breaks or momentum.
Its not fun as before tbh.
But Sin was incredibly OP with insta CC’s, so i think adjusting Sin and few classes was enough not whole CC’s.

And second one was adding ‘Energy’
It screwed all of stamina related mechanics. Who cares about stamina thesedays?

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Yes Stunlock very skillbased !


tier 6 crap gear and the spell + armor rating in pvp. is it so hard to give the pve gear -5000hit rating??


MEEP MEEP! :smiley:

50ft Knockback

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  1. The raidfinder patch
  2. OP runes+t6 without proper PvP penalties patches
  3. The no teaming in minigames patch
  4. The comboskip fix patch
  5. The itemshop patch/revamp (still they have not reduced the prices for subbing, which they said they would?)

This last restart has made the servers unstable as F.

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I think comboskip fix was one of few good patches. It made many useless combos useful. But combo skipping was kinda fun yes

There was a good one that broke the game completely for most of December conveniently when another game launched.

Yes, Dec 2011 right when SWTOR released and also Skyrim had just released just before that as well.

At least we got an apology and an infinet tiger for that.

Energy. It did help caster classes though, but it made melee less fun.

Raid finder and world bosses.

Server merge that demolished EU ping.

The combo bunny-hop animation. It makes melee look foolish and it tricked people into thinking it was somehow skill based when most people just macro it anyway.

Hardcore servers which split up the pvp community.

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Implementation of raidfinder with t4 gear as reward. Throwing the games only expansion, and the best MMORPG expansion ever (khitai) in the bin.



Funcom = a company that churns out bad ideas on the regular

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So much to chose from so I’ll just make it easy on myself and say anything before and after Cirith left Funcom. That guy did more for pvp than anyone else (beside Craig Morrison, F**k that guy).

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  1. Raid finder
  2. Onslaught
  3. Skull gate pass

I wanted to come back after almost 3 months break, but when I saw global full of “join RF, Daily onslaught, Daily SG” over and over again for about 2 hours. Hell nah, those things ruined the game totally


The onslaught and skull gate are actually funny to do, but shouldn’t waste the time doing only wave 1-5. That gets old fast. Do the higher waves and its challenging

Its a matter of taste. IMO onslaught / SG along with RF cannot be called “content”. I’d rather prefer to have something fresh like chaos instead of reheated cutlet like those mentioned above.


I agree, that’s rather depressing… :frowning:


Keep seeing “raidfinder was worst patch of AOC”

Game was killed long, long before raidfinder was a twinkle funcom’s eye

Original shrines of bori

Then again every remaining PvEr remembers these patches fondly even though they systematically alienated 50% of the active player base when there were thousands of active players across many servers.


Earlier still: Gaute “pvp gear” Godager.