The year of Rubi-Ka (suggestion)

In my opinion…this is how it should work.

One year. One year of no ShadowLands.

Here we are at March…and we have been levels 1-20.
That means, realistically, if we get 20 levels per month that’s 10 months of content before the drop of SL.

So, we could do March 1-20, April 20-40, May 40-60 etc…
Realistically (what I think would work) is to make these early months a bit bigger, maybe make 30 the high at this month…but as we get into next year, say, around Dec when the max level gets around 150/160 do smaller increments like 10 levels. Cause with out SL big Xp it’s a lot more work to go from 150 to 160 or 160 to 175 etc…

I think this new server could last well past 1 year if they dedicate this year alone to just RK & NW.
Many of us will be reaching the end of our year subscription and have a reason to re-up.

Many who always felt ‘out leveled’ have time to catch up to those people who do 1-200 in a week and we never see again cause they disappear off into SL.

March 6th 2020 should be thousands of players, once again flooding into SL like it was this year as we flooded into backyards across RK.

Last note: Dear God, the crying about the level being locked…
Go max level a new toon! Lol
To me every proffesion is like a ‘new game’ Play 20 levels as a healer, 20 as a tank, 20 as a nano class etc…
Do this when you hit that wall!
It’s a lot more fun then getting worked up.
Did everyone expect lvl 200 by week 2? This would all be a waste if they didnt slow roll it out to us.

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I really hope they don’t release SL until the level cap is 200. NW and AI improve the RK experience, SL removes the RK experience…let’s hope they have a little more sense than that… :doubtful:

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SL removes RK experience?
People will still go to RK to farm money and do raids. It won’t divide population at all.
If they release SL at 200 newbies can’t catch up with its storyline… they should make new toons only to explore shadowlands’ beautiful quests.
In my opinion many people don’t want to grind xp on RK for a year. A year is too much only on RK.

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I agree with op. I’ve done nothing but SL since about 2005. I’m good with spending some time on RK before the massive heck brawls begin.

I don’t think many ppl will still go to rk to make money and do raids after sl release.

Why bother getting stuff for your low level toon when you can do 10’s of levels in a matter of hours. Remember that if population is higher it will be easier to farm xp in sl. Even if you go back to rk to blitz nanos it’s just solo gameplay.

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