Themes for characters

Kaoru : Blared Manifest - Naughty Girl

Daniel Bach : Pulsar - Celldweller

Rada Nastase : Nails for Breakfast, Tacks for Snacks - Panic! at the Disco

Alinea Florea : Red - Break me down

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Amir: Fire - Fire - The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown

I know the 60s Groove doesn’t exactly fit him, but c’mon… Wouldn’t you pay for Amir to go ‘I AM THE GOD OF HELLFIRE!’


No no… Amir has finally embraced his inner monkey-lover and signed up to be your agent! He’s done with the hellfire and doom, now he shows up with a smile to say "Hello little monkey, how can I help? Well it’s your lucky day 'cause you ain’t never had a


Why not both. I started this thread with a general idea that everyone can pick personal favorites instead of putting it into comparision with everyones else :stuck_out_tongue:

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Both would actually be fun. Like, he tries to keep up appearances, but when his fave human shows up, he gets all friendly, but ends it with ‘Not that I care, M-monkey.’.

… I just made Amir a Tsundere. Not sure whether to be sorry or not.


While not for a specific character, one for the Phoenicians, as little as I want to give them anything good…


Rada Nastase


Pity poor Dr. Bannerman, alone on the frontier of psychiatry. Which may prove to be… the final frontier!


I don’t have themes for specific characters, but I do have playlists on Spotify for the three factions, Orochi, and the greater ‘Secret World’ thematic in general. Some are quite long, and others are mid-length or shorter.

I go by ‘khaosdaughter’ on Spotify, and my playlists are:

Labyrinth”, and it’s 5 hrs, 7 min
Temple Hall”, which is 3 hrs, 54 min
Seoul Music”, which is 2 hrs, 17 min
God Dammit Orochi”, which is short, only 30 min
and “Secrets in the Dark”, which is 2 hrs, 49 min

(Disclaimer: Many tracks are explicit, most are in no particular order, some may or may not ‘work’ for various factions, depending on listener opinion/preferences, and yes, I’m aware that Kung Fu/Shaolin isn’t Korean, but the songs are bizarre enough that I stuck them in for the Dragon anyway.)



hmm i bet “missing time” by KMFDM would be good somewhere with lots of filth…Dr Kline, or maybe the filth infected population in general?

i mean mdfmk lol

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Awww… Spotify has that artist, but not that song! D:

Money by Poppy is the only Illuminati theme necessary.
Well, that and Putting on the Ritz (Remix) by Taco

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Speaking of… Pyramidion says you just can’t have too much

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For Ricky Pagan here’s Uncle Elvis :

I here this whenever Nassir is onscreen.

For Ms Geary : I can just picture her Karaoking that and just CRUSHING it :wink:

For Carter, especially when “Things are about to get kinda gross”:

And Danny, who you can tell was a Goonie, born 20 years too late (also, I love this video, it is my entire childhood distilled into three and a half minutes :grin: )

For some reason this makes me think of Cassie King:

Tell me this isn’t the right song for Scrapyard Edgar:


The Dragon:

The Templar:

The Illuminati:
Sorry, couldn’t resist. How’s about:


This has always been my theme for the Illuminati… I mean, if I had to pick one. Debauchery, braggadocio, and a pinch of the paranormal. (Fair warning, the video has a couple graphic moments.)

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Morninglight and FNF:


Daimon Kyota:

It’s the brass section. I always felt like the upbeat, larger then life feel of a big band fits our Occulted Gangster perfectly.

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Security Five

Che Garcia Hansson

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One just came to me today.
The Filth aka John:

Because… we are all made of stars eyebrow waggle


‘Devils Look Like Angels’
And a Rabbit right there on the player.

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