Themes for characters


One just came to me today.
The Filth aka John:

Because… we are all made of stars eyebrow waggle


‘Devils Look Like Angels’
And a Rabbit right there on the player.


It’s a Filthy rabbit lol


Weep, oh mortals, for sad Ptahmose; devoted father and husband, forced to sacrifice his seven children to restrain the madness of the Black Pharaoh.

Still, hoping to ease their centuries-long confinement as semi-demi-mini-gods, he first took the time to teach all seven how to


I was going to find something really nice by Loreena McKennitt for the Forest God…and then I remembered Rush did “The Trees.” So, here we are.


Arturo - Il dolce Suono by Inva Mula Tchako

It’s the perfect mix of calm venectian style music that has like this change when arturo gets serious.


With Kirsten Geary I think its heavily dependant on her mood and alcohol level. Böse by Knorkator, “I’m too sexy” by Right Said Fred, Bad Devil by Devin Townsend or Tik Tok by Ke$ha all fit once in a while.


Unofficial Theme for the whole of the Secret World universe: “All the Myths are True” by Abney Park


I don’t know where Dante sources his meat, but I can imagine him humming this while preparing it.
(Last line is a bit violently sexual, so apologies in advance)


For Hasdatean, a song by a couple of good friends of mine.


Doesn’t seem to work for me D:
But I assume you meant:


That’s the song. I only thought of it cause I saw Andy perform on Sunday night. Gopal showed up as well, but wasn’t performing.


Copied all the songs into one big youtube playlist…looking into a better option but now you guys have it all in one place.


“Solomon” Island has its own character…


And i thought the Wabanaki had a collective voice that rang pretty true…

Optional cinematic context…

Wah Jhi Le Yihm


So this is probably on the MP3 player of a good portion of the Templar New Bloods (Warning; fairly explicit lyrics):


Aurelie - Girl With A Gun


This song could apply to many of the characters in The Secret World’s lore. I’m leaning towards Cucuvea.


Been searching for these on Spotify, but have not found them. Any chance you can send a link since no searches for these playlists come up in Spotify? Thanks if you can!


I have been told that I can be difficult to find on Spotify, for some reason. Let me see if I can set you up with some links.


Temple Hall:

Seoul Music:

Secrets in the Dark:

God Dammit Orochi:

The lengths of the various playlists ranges wildly, as previously stated. ‘Labyrinth’ is over 5 hours, whereas ‘Orochi’ is barely over half an hour. As before, some songs contain explicit lyrics, some may or may not fit folks’ concepts of the factions, and yes, I’m aware that Shaolin/Kung Fu isn’t from Korea. I just like the weird vibe of some of the songs and threw them in with the Dragon anyway.