Themes for characters


One just came to me today.
The Filth aka John:

Because… we are all made of stars eyebrow waggle


‘Devils Look Like Angels’
And a Rabbit right there on the player.


It’s a Filthy rabbit lol


Weep, oh mortals, for sad Ptahmose; devoted father and husband, forced to sacrifice his seven children to restrain the madness of the Black Pharaoh.

Still, hoping to ease their centuries-long confinement as semi-demi-mini-gods, he first took the time to teach all seven how to


I was going to find something really nice by Loreena McKennitt for the Forest God…and then I remembered Rush did “The Trees.” So, here we are.


Arturo - Il dolce Suono by Inva Mula Tchako

It’s the perfect mix of calm venectian style music that has like this change when arturo gets serious.


With Kirsten Geary I think its heavily dependant on her mood and alcohol level. Böse by Knorkator, “I’m too sexy” by Right Said Fred, Bad Devil by Devin Townsend or Tik Tok by Ke$ha all fit once in a while.


Unofficial Theme for the whole of the Secret World universe: “All the Myths are True” by Abney Park


I don’t know where Dante sources his meat, but I can imagine him humming this while preparing it.
(Last line is a bit violently sexual, so apologies in advance)


For Hasdatean, a song by a couple of good friends of mine.


Doesn’t seem to work for me D:
But I assume you meant: