Themes for characters


I can’t believe nobody has posted this gem:

It could fit anywhere, but the Savage Coast really comes to mind with the Abandoned Asylum.


General theme song:

Brave New Apocalypse - Chant Project

Everything’s just like they said
Our world’s come to an end
And the moon drips red with blood
Just like they said it would
It’s our last trip around the sun
They need it like a drug
But prophecies they come and go
So question everything you know
And then forget me as I fade
Into our loss our final days
Two sides of love collide – inescapable eclipse
I hope and pray we all survive our Brave New Apocalypse


Possibly a seasonal one for Madam Rôget, or at the very least, one she’d play in her shop at this time of year


Hmm… Not seen one for the Dreamers… but i think this could sum up there Thoughts on the Whole World and the Factions…
(Can’t post a Link since freshly on the Forums so instead…) Celldweller - Jericho


One for all the zombies out there. :wink:


Technically a necro reply but the Unnamed Phoenician Agent has a name, thats Lydia from CF. Hence the little Kill Bill moment where you see her in the outfit from the mission involving her in CF.


Amitola “Ami” Dexter - Stand By Me, Ben E King.

Carter - Crawling, Linkin Park.