There are effing hidden ledges on pillars

and these ■■■■■■■■ ledges makes your character jump and stop climbing so you fall down and die if you are unlucky.

fix your bugs please

And now im also falling THROUGH my own pillars, i cant grab on to them. wtf man. Ffs.

and dont even try to tell me tehre are words i cant use. when you release a game, it shall NOT have this many bugs.

Pillars are tricky to climb on. I think that they are narrow enough to cause risk between the client/server variance that records where your character is. One little over-correction nudge to the left or to the right, and you’ll lose your grip.

I think that it is known that these are tricky to scale, and are thus used to discourage climbers…

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If I may make one suggestion, OP: toggle auto-run (default key is numlock) then ascend the pillar. Your character will auto-climb to the appropriate height (grit permitting) and can be stopped by tapping autorun again. Removing mouse motions and other fingerings does seem to uncomplicate the transactions involved, as @Cauthey says.

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i did already :frowning:

Sorry man, as a defensive pillar dude I really use the crap out of this feature. 90% of raiders don’t know, and I feel if you’re reading here at these forums even if you’re raiding me you deserve to know.

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Lol. I spent like 30 minutes trying to get into a joint that looked open on the top that was built over water with pillars. I’m taking this trick into my back pocket, for sure. :slight_smile:

its… not really a feature its a bug but what ever.

i hope it gets fixed, because i use pillars when i build to get up high and such.

No sorry, I was being playful. The feature is the autorun, the workaround is for wonky shizz. No pillar can protect me, but if it’s annoying enough that 90% won’t try, I’m less worried about mucking around having fun all the time.

good for you.

but its not about you. its a bug, and bugs should be fixed.