There are no salamander babies in the game. There is suppose to be

They are not suppose to be rare. None of the babies are rare. This is a bug and needs to be fixed.

I have always had luck finding the babies along the SW coast of Siptah. Usually in the 5-E or 6-E area, but I found 2 or 3 of them multiple times, on an official server, within the last 4 months. (I have not been playing since then really). Those are Siptah salamanders though, not iguanas. I am also not sure what the spawn time/rate is on them. If you have to clear through the adults to spawn babies, or if they just spawn in once every so many hours. Several times though I have found at least 2 or 3 right on the shore.

I don’t have the Siptah dlc. I will not buy it if the devs do not fix their game. I am watching this salamander topic with that in mind. I buy if they respond to glitch reports. I have no need to remain in a game where the devs do not fix glitches.

There’s argument if this is a bug or not. It is a bug. Why would the salamander be the only pet in the entire game that does not spawn babies???

Also, from the video link I posted earlier this glitch did not start until three days after I joined up. There is video evidence that salamander babies where along the beach in large numbers same as with all the pets in the game. Just go along and pick them up no issues.

So no, I will not buy the dlc until this is fixed for the Exiled Lands.

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