There are no traders or trading posts

I would like to sell goods such as leather, to NPC dealers against gold coins or silver coins.

The economic system is not well thought out

because if I want to produce steel I need tar what I get only with the leather production.

After a short time I have so much leather that I have to throw it away!

Fancom, I ask for your answer

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I dkn’t think there will be merchants to walk up and sell excess goods. Gold and silver coins are just a form of currency, but it wasnt supposed to be something of true value outside of a few merchants for their goods.

Id say its better this way, goods and services are your main currency. Besides after you get higher level you can literally forge coins so their value is constantly going down.

Use leather to make healing packs. I’ve got too much tar but don’t want to drop any :smile:

Medicinal packs make no sense, because the aloe vera potions are 100% better

Welp I’ve only ever used a potion once, when I fell from a cliff and lost nearly all my HP and was immediately attacked by mobs at the foot of the cliff. I’m so used to the challenge of disarming and using a heal pack.
I might start using potions although it seems easy mode. Far too easy. I don’t like that at all.

@ Gideon each his own

Back to topic I would want more trade

As an alternative you could get tar from putting coal in a fluid-press.

Bandages are great not to bleed to death after a fight that left you with 10 stack bleed.

as I said
i would have liked an economic model

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