There are senseless Weapons in the game

I am an long term experienced PvP Player.
And i have noticed that there are some sensless/useless Weapons in the game.

Here are some of them:

“Fangs of the Red Mother”
Those throwings axes are much harder to find as an dragonbone Thworing Axt. It also makes lower damages than them.
The Fangs: 39 Damage
Dragonebone Throwing Axes: 40

in the description it says it should give you live regeneration… in reallity, nothing happens.

Those weapons kills the enemie immediatley if the enemie life goes below an sertain percentage… The Problem here the percentaige is so low that the weapons beeing usless. If you use it you maybe safe 5 hits (fighting a Boss) :man_shrugging:t3:

“Obsidian vs Starmetall”
Obsidian-Tools/Weapons are much much much harder to get than Starmetall-Tools/Weapons. And the funny fact ist that Starmetall hits or gathers more than the Obsidian🤷🏼‍♂️. So Obsidian is never getting use anymore.

There are 3 different typs of bandages and there are no clear diffrences between those bandages

I have an chest full of broadswoards. And 90% of those swords Stats are the same. There are just individual cases were just one of them has a extra boni on it. Nearly every legendary Braod Swoard has 51 Damage and 9% Armor-Pen.

The legendary “Scorpion Harness”
cleaning from Poisioning is good. But the cooldown is too long and therefore nearly usless in a pvp fight.
Better Option Sets toungh.

I would be pleased you you could give a lookt at those certain points🙏🏼


This was actually addressed recently. I can’t remember if it was in the bug report section or in general discussions, but apparently it does still heal, but the heal is so nerfed that you don’t notice it. Maybe 1HP per 5 seconds?


Even if these weapons would get buffed, why should I use them if I am more efficient and do more damage with a dragonbone spear/BlackDragon Pike/Mordlun on a horse ??

Bandages are worthless in PvE also. The weight and frailness makes them not worth carrying.

I disagree. I craft them in huge batches so that I never run out and try to always keep at least 2 stacks on my player.

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Star metal tools have a harvesting power of 7, obsidian tools 8. So, obsidian tools gather more, but they’re still pretty useless, because you can just go grind Feasts-on-Flesh for a while and get Black Blood tools which have the same harvesting power, but much better durability.

So yeah, obsidian is pretty useless in its current form.

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For the weight and hassle they are not worth it. We carry 50 berries and 10 aloe potions. We take on everything carrying just that.

As long as it works for you, that’s great. I like using them to stop bleed.

They weigh next to nothing, stack on food heals, cure bleed. Grnated, there main draw back is they now require your weapon away and you can’t move…

They really just need a animation of your character wrapping there arm. And they would be near prefect for there purpose.

I really only ever use green ones… i usually have back stock that I rarely bother trying others. XD

“Obsidian vs Star metall” Its about weight of them and durability if I remember right.
I make a Obsidian weapon… but never bothered with tools.

Obsidian tools gather more resources than star metal ones if I’m not mistaken, but there’s not a obsidian multitool so in my opinion I prefer using star metal ones.

Correct. They are the highest tier craftable tools in the game, one step above star metal.

Fixed with the most recent PC patch. Coming to consoles in the near future. The cripple effect of bandages is now less severe and movement/weapon equips are possible without interrupting the heal.

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