There are servers with some difficulty?

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Does anyone know of a conan exiles server that is not for children? .
It is incredible that the official servers have the experience of x4 (the collection and combat) we have gone from a game with some difficulty to a game for babies or players who likes to get everything without working

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If there’s something about Official servers you don’t like, it is likely that there is a dedicated server with your preferences. Be sure to browse the Servers and Recruitment subforum and feel free to Join the new fan-made Discord channel! to ask there. Otherwise, there are a few other places to look:

Ps: Imo this post is more on-topic in the Servers and Recruitment subforum (Conan Exiles Community Guidelines - please read). You can always ask a moderator to move it. :wink:

It is a criticism of funcom. you cannot have three difficulty options in the game and then the official servers only one: the super easy one.
Dedicated servers already fulfill the function of leaving the game easy. I would say very easy. If the game has three levels of difficulty because they don’t put servers in the same way.

They do though:

  1. PvE - easy (you only have to worry about NPCs - Purges - Decay)
  2. PvE-C - a bit more difficult (all the above + other people killing and looting you).
  3. PvP - a lot more difficult (you and everything you own is at risk of being wiped).
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Err… don’t know where you get your info, but official servers are x1, except PvP which are x2. Unless things changed lately and I didn’t hear about it, I suppose.


I would add that not only xp rate and harvest rate are adjustable but a million other things like day/night cycle and hunger levels…
It wouldn’t be realistic to give all these options in official servers.
I play on a private server that has *2 npc damage and 6h cycles with 1h chunks of night. I find that’s the best for my taste. You can see all these settings in the servers list btw so its easy to pick something you like.

there is this trap is x1 in general but the experience of gathering and combat is x4 and that makes the level rise very fast.
regarding the types of servers there are a variety of types (pve, pve-c and pvp) but not in difficulty.
I have already set up several servers and configured. and all dedicated are mostly more than x3.
Thank you for your answers.
Halk would you mind telling me that server?
I know that it is difficult to configure a server for everyone, but the game itself has three levels of difficulty and each one comes with a default configuration

I play on game of thralls. Best moderators I’ve ever seen. They take RP very seriously though, be aware :slight_smile:

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