There Goes the Neighborhood...Boss Troubles



First trouble is with the forward motion of the combat. I use one-handed sword and am continuously being moved underneath the target. Sometimes I get stuck under the target (Black Rhino.) Perhaps a guard on the footprint of the boss to prevent the fighter from be forced underneath it?

Second trouble is more personal. I had three posts and a reserve spot for an alternate place to build. One land claim was my original home in the Oasis: A large alligator as moved into my watering hole and I had to move after it killed half my thralls and tried to eat my dancer. The second land claim was to be my main fort. This one was located on top of a large, high rock and was still being built. There are nests all over my fort now. :frowning: The third claim was a temp home inside one of the ruins that lead into the highland area. This is were I retreated after the new spawn areas landed in the middle of the other two. The alternate claim was a nice spot in the middle of the map with a watering hole, trees, ore, and a great place to build. There is now a large alligator living in that spot. :frowning: My suggestion: Please relocate one of the large alligators so I can have a nice place to live. :smiley:


Unfortunately, all the nice areas to live are nice for animals, too.