There is a raid finder why not a dungeon finder too

well as you know when you get to khitai alot of the New gear vendors take the tokens (as well as some gold) the process of getting hundreds of them is quite the task so you spend alot of time in chat trying to find People to join hoping the ones you need are not ignoring you all together now dont get me wrong when it Works its awsome but like stated above you need hundread of the Things there is a raid finder which Works quite well you have tokens to get there as well so why not use it on 6 mans as well

There should not be any kind of “finder” in this type of game as they just kill the open areas and social side of game… you know the part which makes these type of games MMORPG.

How would u restrict the classes in the dungeon finder? certain dungeons u want 1 tank only, for some other 2 might be more comftorable (especially for lower level of players) how many healers and which classes? perks are also required, what if said class do not have perk.

And how is raid finder working good? People wiping there for hours, griefing, trolling, making players bad and lazy with top gear which kills 95% of this game content as people do not know or find a reason to do content that gives worse loot than easiest and most braindead content in game (RF)

Group / Raid finders only create atmosphere where people sit in hub cities alt tabbed waiting for it to pop, and then proceed to go afk for the duration of RF. Not to mention it should not give the “best gear” in the game. Horrible content made to prolong this games life by making long lasting tedious grind, Poorly thought and made (same crap as wb)

no thank u :slight_smile:


The problem of RF is the way it’s implemented in AoC, not the concept itself. For example, SWToR had a way better implementation of RF (I have not played it for a while, so I don’t know if it’s changed in the meantime). The main differences are:

  • You could join with a full raid;
  • You get bound for that raid, so you cannot farm it endlessly, just once a week;
  • It drops the normal gear for that raid, not some OP items that you can only get doing that;

So, a tool to create a group could be nice, but if it’s done like the current RF, better to keep things as they are.

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I just can’t understand why raid finder exists at all. And why funcom didn’t take a page out of Blizzards book and just give a looking for raid and looking for dungeon, like the forums was screaming for at the time.

People have diffrent bars of when their dopamine secretion kicks in when being (rewarded). While some people only get it when they feel they overcame a problem or a challange, there are those that automatically get it as soon as they see a new shinie in their inventory. Guess its easier to get a hold of the latter peoples money (not mad) :shushing_face:

It would be easier to just add a new dungeon quest with unchained items + rf shards as reward on a 1 week cd per char. Or for smallest effort possible, add a couple of shards for completion of the current unchained/excavator questlines.


well i agree it hurts the social part but the player population is not super big
and as i said People can outright ignore you in chat

I gave this idea a few months ago and only gave problems, but know that there is no one from funcom in the forum, it’s only volunteers.