There is no game icon for Age of Conan: Unchained on Steam

Watch the 30 second video to see what I mean.

Out of the 250 games that I own, Age of Conan is the only modern game to be missing a Steam icon. The other two games that don’t have icons are Tomb Raider II and III, which are both over 20 years old. I know stuff like this is super easy to fix. Would take an expert two minutes to fix. Someone slower 5-10 minutes. Someone who has no idea what they are doing 30 minutes. Half an hour, max, unless they are mentally lacking. So if this missing game icon never gets fixed, after submitting my bug report, then there is no point in having a Bug Report thread in the first place because there is no one able or willing to work on things. And before you try to tell me another way to submit my report, don’t bother. I already went through the trouble of creating an account just to submit this post, and if I haven’t discovered a better way to submit this type of bug by now, then it’s not easily apparent and I’m not going to be held responsible for your incompetence. And yes, I know many here probably play the non-Steam version or they don’t care about missing Steam icons. But I do, and someone who manages the Steam version needs to spend that five minutes to fix this. It’s unacceptable. Like I said, I own 250 games and this is the ONLY modern game to be missing an icon.

The AoC Unchained in my library has a icon.

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I bet this guy “Hyborian_Jones” is going to be jumping up and down, clapping his hands, all excited and gleefully happy that he tricked me into believing him. When I installed this 17 GB game a couple of days ago, the Steam game icon did not show up. Just now, I spent over an hour verifying the integrity of the game files, which required another 17 GB download, and it still did not make the Steam game icon show up. I have limited internet data each month, and it was not worth it to redownload 17 GB just to find that the Steam game icon still won’t be visible. The ONLY way to make the game icon to show up, it seems, is to add the game as a non-Steam game, which is what I will do as a workaround. That’s probably what this guy “Hyborina_Jones” did. He either added it as a non-Steam game, or he is completely lying and BS’ng about the Steam version having a Steam game icon.

The steam page for Age of Conan isn’t really moderated in any way (eh… what actually is still being moderated in AoC? We don’t even get live support responses) since the game was added there so I highly doubt that an icon will ever be added.

I tend to agree and I would think the place to contact would be Steam and not the game itself. I don’t Funcom has any way to manage things on Steam, FC just allows contact through the 3rd party Steam client.

I’d have to argue that unacceptable is a bit strong :slight_smile:

You’re right that the icon is missing (on some installs at least) but at most it’s irksome :slight_smile: The game binary probably lacks one at the proper resolution; not really a big deal as there is a nice one in the main window…



If you are going to quote me, don’t take things out of context. When I say “it’s unacceptable”, I mean that out of 250 games this is the only game without an icon. Why is it that 250 other games could do it right and this one can’t? It doesn’t meet the standard that just about every other game on Steam does. That’s what I mean by unacceptable.

Anyway, you guys can have fun talking to yourselves. The icon thing did bother me a lot, but my workaround is to just re-add the game as a non-Steam game and now I have the icon. So this game can continue to be the only game without a Steam game icon.

And as usual, more stupid comments. Why am I not surprised. I don’t care about the tiles in the shelf (collection) area. That’ a separate area and those tiles (artwork) can be changed manually.

I swear, it’s like every person I meet on any forums is a worthless troll or idiot who has to try and c block someone’s bug report, suggestion, or feature request or downplay it.

Anyway, bye. I only created an account to bring attention to this problem. But it’s clear nothing good will come from it.

Hey Saitama79, thank you and it’s great that you are reporting issues and problems with the game and all that comes with it. But I am sorry to tell you that funcom is mungs, they do some of the most stupid decisions and tend to focus on things not being a problem and adding things that is breaking the game a lot for a long time (report button in-game) for something that no-one is really asking for.

Anyway I hope you get some attention for your report.

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In terms of trolling or blocking in this case I would firmly argue that this is in the eye of the beholder :slight_smile:

Reading what I and other people have posted, they took the time to consider your report and shared comment on it. No stupid comments that I can see. Jarafin offered another way to bring it to appropriate attention, and others shared either their experience or other observations.

If your original post was a troll, well played. If not, I’m sorry that you are finding simple discourse challenging enough that this upsets you.


Hey, even Valve’s own Half-Life: Alyx, the brand new Half-Life title coming out this year, still doesn’t have an icon! What is the world coming to! :grin:


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A new Half-Life? Oh yeah, I am a Half-Life addict too :grinning:

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Just an fyi, Half-Life: Alyx is VR only.