There is no longer an official way to report a problem server!

#6305 PVE Conflict - offline

Two days I can’t play!
I don’t know what time it’s offline, if it’s all day or just the time I’m going to play.

Time I am available to play: 17:00 to 00:00
time is offline.

What should I do? There is no longer an official way to report a problem server!

UPDATE In this post I want to discuss the best way to report server problems.

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just add yours to the already existing topics:

There seems to be a problem with multiple LATAM servers not only 6305.


The others are working right now. the problem is the

there is a post of mine that talks about the difficulty of reporting server problems and I quote # 6305, this post is different because I am stating the problem. (the way it worked to answer server problems no longer exists)


In this post I want to discuss the best way to report server problems.

There is nothing to discuss though, for the time being the only way to report it is on the forums, preferably without creating 100 topics about the same thing but rather posting in the already existing topics (which will bump it on top) or creating one in the bug section if it is a new issue. I don’t think LATAM servers are handled by GPortal (not sure which is the provider there) so posting on the Gportal forums won’t help either (not that GPortal read their forums anyway).

I use the google translator, and there really are two different posts (mine). They address the same subject, but one is about (how to report server problems) and the other is (The problem), I’m organized, but I can’t speak English.

Note: is GPortal, I had a server. and the officers are too.

Note2: discussing is the same as asking for help as it is the best way.

Either way, you can notify Funcom and wait. This is all you can do. You have notified them about the problem, now we have to wait for them to see it and respond to it.

I already asked for help on the GPortal website. I’ve tried everything, and I’m not bothering anyone, I could appoint an administrator, but I don’t! I spent a sick time and didn’t play, and I’m not sure if my things are going to go away.

According to this:

Funcom and GPortal should be notified automatically. (O Funcom e o GPortal devem ser notificados automaticamente.)

A ferramenta de relatório do servidor não estava a ser utilizada de forma consistente e foi removida do menu do navegador. No seu lugar, acrescentámos uma melhor telemetria que nos deveria transmitir essa informação e o portal G-Portal de forma mais consistente.

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Thank you this was a big help, at least for my anxiety, and I’m sorry I did something wrong, I’m learning little by little, I’m not familiar with forums (this is the only one I participate in) for the love I have for this game.

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If you are experiencing issues with the Siptah Latam servers (6300-6308), keep an eye on this thread for updates:

If you are experiencing any technical server issues, you do not have to report them anywhere. They are being automaticly relayed to Funcom and G-Portal by the game.

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