There was an idea about monthly events

Someone complained the game was static… nothing changes. Everything is the same … new content doesn’t frequently get added. I thought the idea of monthly events in the game such new dungeons, weather patterns, cool stuff to find…

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A new dungeon, every month, for free. Suuuuuuuure…


How have all of their other patches worked out for you so far? What the hell makes you think they are going to pump out monthly dungeons and weather patterns when they still have so many other issues they need to address that are 1000 times higher on the list of priorities? Weapon balances, bug fixes, getting consoles working smoothly. All of these things are way more of a priority over what you are suggesting.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for occasional events. Hell, adding a little bit of new content every month would be awesome. But something on the order of a dungeon takes a whole lot of effort. Even if the team didn’t have to work on bugfixes or balancing, it still wouldn’t be feasible to add something like that each month.

In short, having an event every now and then would be nice. Having an event every month would cripple the rest of the development effort. And having a big event every month is totally unrealistic.

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Maybe a small event dungeon quarterly would be possible. But most certainly not monthly.

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I want to see different seasons or something like that weather and foliage wise


Hey, I bet they could do it if they switched engines to RPG Maker.

Come on Funcom! We want faster content releases! :stuck_out_tongue:

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chill out… we just want to see more content from this game cuz it’s awesome

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i wouldn’t mind paying…

Money isn’t the problem.

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This month you already have free legendaries event :slight_smile:


hmmm how about just DLC unlockable through timed event. Maybe something like opening legendary chest … X number of times … maybe Contest building … or just riddle to answer to get gift of Key dlc … SOMETHING is needed to keep player mind fresh and wanting to play.

I’d just like to see more community challenges to unlock some cool new armor piece like that awesome pirate armor

Kill x dragons, or giants, or a certain type of human enemies. Or perhaps sometimes it could be farm x resource. It’s something to work for that everyone can participate in to some degree and everyone can reap the rewards together.

I wouldn’t mind occasional events, but in my personal experience with MP games they tend to burn players out more than encouraging them to play.

Limited time dungeons with special rewards that you have to earn over a short time pushes people to play as much as they can so they don’t miss out.

Some people are good with that, but every MMO I’ve ever played would have a population drop directly after the events, and while the event was going on it was almost impossible to find players to play other content.

I know this isn’t an MMO but I think limited time dungeons would not be the way to go.

I would love having seasons so much! It could really help the climate system by making it a bit more dynamic. In the warm months you could go into the colder environments without as much protection. In the cold months even the highlands could make you get somewhat could especially in the rain

I’d love more dynamic weather as well. And deserts could be cold at night, obviously not as cold as the northern regions.

I just feel like these things are big dreams that wouldn’t ever have a chance of getting put in.


I completely agree. Those events are always fun, the first time you do them. After that they basically just become a grind that takes up most if not all of your daily playtime that you can only participate in for the one or two weeks it’s active.

The seasonal change is nice though. The changing decorations and themes and whatnot breath some additional life into the game world. It’s the repetitive tasks you have to do for the seasonal rewards that become a problem. You can only do the exact same quest to feed candy canes to Sammy the Reindeer so many times before you start to wonder if the random Christmas themed trinket is worth it.


Weekly Stygian Galleon invasion, have a massive warship pull up someplace on the map for both siptah and exiled lands, maybe 24/48 hours with rare loot from the opposite maps and we have to attack the ship.

That gives a way to get alternate map items other then transfers and a cool mechanic to go with it with the items and crew they carry

Possibly a quarterly event. Monthly would be a bit much.
So revisiting the halloween event, I loved it, BUT. . . .

It went too long
was too easy
the visual graphics were annoying

The meteors fell in a specific area each time and were totally predictable. You just had to wait.
The event lasted way too long, and people got tired of seeing the wierd colors of the sky etc. and started to complain.
You just looted all of the meteors and had epic items, it was too easy.

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Didn’t they also extend the event longer then it was supposed to as well and ended up liturally pissing the entire fan base off because of it?

Well, they did a Halloween event and people raged about it so they canceled them. I liked it, it could have used some fine-tuning… but I think the community, and then Funcom, shot themselves in the foot with that one.

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hundreds of online hackers being reported and funcom doesn’t support players putting the house in order, do you think they’ll care about events?

I was always supportive of the idea of a blizzard up north, as opposed to the sandstorm. Add a typhoon in the jungle. Effects could be similar, sprinkle in a couple new items, just to add variation to the game mechanics.

Volcanic Eruptions, Earthquakes, Tornados, Avalanches and Mudslides could all be added to the game.

In fact, it could all happen more or less as a single event.

Volcano triggers an earthquake triggers and avalanche/mudslide. Tornados could be their own thing.

The avalanche/mudslide would always occur in a set number of places. And some temporary stones could be added at the base of a hill after the ./SFX that could be mineable. Maybe some old frozen/buried bodies could become exposed. Mammoth tusks, ancient armors or weapons, some metal ores and such. Nothing crazy, but might create a local blitz to the event to gather up the easy metal/bones etc.

But yes, more or less it would be nice to have regular events, more than just the sandstorm, to add to the general feel of the gameplay. Events that are localized, global, and vary in location or severity. Would all be neat in my opinion.

Also, holidays would be cool. Even if they are only slight nods to current world holidays. A migration of caribou or reindeer for example. A few weeks to gather some materials in bulk… and the rest of the year those items are rare spawns in chests.

Halloween, I liked what they did last time but it lasted too long, and was too intense. I would vote for a less drawn out, quarterly event tied to the moon. Just make the nights extra dark and creepy, maybe add some strange spawns to the mix. Not necessarily more dangerous, but different with some interesting loot. It’s never fun to die, it’s always fun to find new things.

Last, more of a purge mechanic. For those freakishly huge bases. If a clan builds something, truly gargantuan and server bogging… add a feature that slowly progresses with warnings displayed in the game itself with the size of their base… and then catastrophically destroys it. Something along the lines of they built too much, dug too deep, the fissured, faulted bed rock can no longer support the overwhelming weight of their constructions. Throw in a destructive earthquake event and topple only the structures of the offending base in the AoE.

Just typing, don’t mind me.