There was an idea about monthly events

yeah i wish the devs could just controls these… like make the game really hard with all these natural events and somedays its relaxed… just surprise us

I agree that Conan should have events to make it more attractive, I am not a fan of Christmas or Hallowen events, I would like to see the events related to Conan, such as an event with each of the gods, be it mitra, derketo, or crom, those kinds of events if I would like to see them.

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Oh come on. How can you not like “Conan Saves Christmas”? :grin:

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There was a neat addition on the savage wilds map (or one of the mods attached to it) where Avatar’s would periodically spawn and players could go fight them.

That makes the most sense to me for end game content. Perhaps scale them down (slightly) just so the mechanics of the fight can work. Let people attack them, damage, or kill them.

In Conan the Destroyer, Conan kills Dagoth. So fighting the avatars would not be a big issue in terms of lore.

Allow super rare materials to drop, to craft the truly best gear. Periodically add additional “end game sets” with future expansions, but the mats could still be sourced from the avatar fights.

Simple, sweet, straight forward.


lol that’s great, but I don’t feel like seeing the usual stuff at those kinds of events.

I believe that adding things that give more life to the game is essential, as has already been said, events are an opportunity to enter to play.

your idea is good, I would like to see it.

I think it is about time that they listen to the modders, they have done wonderful things in the game and if the modders can do it, funcom can too.

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I’m not saying I wouldn’t like a new diverse system to add actual content to Conan. However, they can’t even do an update correctly and, in a timely manner. That’s not even me being snarky, that’s the track record they’ve set for themselves. You can use the “search feature” if you wanna debate it. :joy::innocent:


that can’t be debated, you’re absolutely right, it’s just that sometimes we like to dream a little hehehe

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I think, a Event Area. (were players teleport to) (like dungeon) would be a good idea.
They can mock up 2-3 small areas, and give each a small face lift. So beach island could be Summer, Winter looks depending on time of year.
Another could be Slave Road/Imperial Highway. Event NPC hiding in building, and player head out to kill, find stuff.

And just make up some fun weird stuff to place there.

This way purist can stay on main maps, and those who wanna pretake can go wounder off to these zones.

Easter could be bunnies and undead on beach island. Bunnies dropped colored eggs, that can be eaten for random items, or buffs.
Undead would drop assorted stuff. Quick respawns etc…

Halloween, Could reuse beach, but have it extra dark, and Skull over Moon. And insert monsters and mask/outfit unlocks etc.
Plently of ideas to do, if you separate areas from main maps. It means stuff like Meteor event could return. (be less risk do smaller event map, and less risk to player homes)