Therma Libido - A luxury Spa

Hi everybody,

finally I finished my Luxury Spa Brothel “Therma Libido”.

I wanted to create a “special” Bathhouse, where after you killed you through the World, to come here and get your wounds washed and bandaged. You can get a massage, fresh cooked food, self brewed wine and beer and you can book a special room with some of the prettiest girls or boys (up 2 u) for nice private moments. Our Musicians will offer you the finest sounds of their repertoire.


Rooms left side:

Rooms right side:

Upstairs left side:

Upstairs right side:



We have Mods on our Server such as:

Pippi - a must have, lots of Thespians where used
Exiles Extreme
Conan Empire
and a lot more…

Hope I gave you a short look at my Spa - it took ages to complete (it’s never done). Got much more stuff to show, but another time.



Love all these aquilonian bath houses so much. It’s hard to decorate large buildings but this is beautifully done!

Those uhh… private rooms, are very nicely done indeed.

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Which mod did you get the large fountains out front, from?

The fountains must be the Exiles Extreme Mod.