These bugs are getting ridiculous

When are y’all going to actually patch the bugs where you are killed by your own elevator, invisible horses, invisible inventories from your own to chests and thralls, stuck facing one direction after climbing a wall and have to climb again to fix it, disconnecting and loading back in only to find out you’re now dead when nowhere near a cliff, trying to climb but slide right of the walls, losing ALL sigils because the fiend sigil doesn’t work, lag spikes and rubber banding even on series x which I’ve never had before it’s like playing on the Xbox one x again, stuck in build mode, bases taking way too long to load in literally update how buildings render in, saddles on horses taking ages to render in, invisible enemies. None of your bug fix updates of 44 plus gigs on Xbox and there were two of them have fixed a single problem. Are you even trying funcom? Are you even worried that you’ve completely busted your entire game? Someone at funcom had better address this and actually fix your game.

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