These People are killing With Thralls Before raid hours

So im Playing in Server 3771 on PS4 and these people on the the server have been doing Toxic things like trying to block spawns and spam foundation Claim Everything. But Today They Just killed me and my thrall with their Thrall and got my kits BEFORE RAID hours And this is like a bug Or A glitch something this is my last straw. I would Report but The report system is Hard to find so i thought i would post it here.

I have ScreenShots But it Wont let me Post them yet Because im a new user


Edit the same people Are now DoSing The server

Yep command the thrall to attack and it will attack. However before or after raid time you can’t kill the thrall unless you run it into spikes etc.

Well the thrall could of died from something else but i seen their thrall hit mine and it took damage


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