They should remove explsives from the game

They should remove explosives etc from the game.
I NEVER read in Conan books of him or armies using explosives.
Siege engines and maybe fire but not Bombs
Also Siege engines should need at least 3 people to operate

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“Also Siege engines should need at least 3 people to operate”. Yeah sure, so solo players or people like me, who have only one friend playing this game together, can never ride other players bases? Really great idea.
“I NEVER read in Conan books of him or armies using explosives.” I have never read about lifts also, so what. Nor do I have read about wheel of pain also. You can say that it was in movie. So what, explosive jars are in game, I dont see any problem. If they could take some liberties in movies, i think Funcom can take some liberties in game. Just my opinion.


Solo people should not be able to attack a base…although there should be something like pick locks and sneak in and steal stuff.

Explosives are needed to crack the shell on Star metal asteroids. They may be bugged right now, but prior you need some form of explosive or orb combo.

As for what’s in the books… I don’t recall aliens, crazy insect monsters, or map rooms in the books as well. So at what point do you draw the line between what is needed for game mechanics or fun, and what was really in the books. I kind of like the line Funcom drew.


Stopped reading right here.

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I seem remember aliens in books…or alien like creatures cathlulu?

well solo people could attempt to raid but should be covered in arrows as soon as he gets within bows-hot of the walls…thralls should really be better at defense…like i said solo people should not be able to damage a base but sneak in and steal something ok

Conan was ‘broken’ on a wheel of pain in the movie.


Not just horror type aliens, but also advanced ones with food replicators, in a story written before Gene Roddenberry was in High School.

“Where do they get their food?” interrupted Conan. “I saw no fields or
vineyards outside the city. Have they orchards and cattle-pens within
the walls?”

She shook her head. “They manufacture their own food out of the primal

-The Slithering Shadow, 1933

So talking about what tech or whatever belongs isn’t a good idea.

Your reading comprehension is terrible. They said it was not in the books, but was in the movie, so the movie had stuff that wasn’t in the books so why can’t the video game have stuff that wasn’t in the books.

Why do people on the internet lose their ability to read and just want to jump to conclusions?

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No sh/t. Rylly??? Did you even read my whole post?

If I would meet you in the exiled lands, I would remove you from the game for saying such absurd things! :stuck_out_tongue:

Why shouldn’t solos be able to raid. that would be just minecraft for solos players then

Conan has been around a lot longer than the 1982 film with Arnold Schwarzenegger…(1950’s) the pain wheel has only been in that movie and is a stupid idea to be honest as its not being used to grind grain/operate machinery its just for show in a movie.

There’s an alien at the top of the tower in “The Elephant Tower” story, talks about flying through space eons ago and losing it’s wings when it landed.

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