They will port the game from UNREAL 4 to UNREAL 5?

Épic Games has just announced the new graphics engine that is used by the game, “UNREAL” that was in version 4, the current one used by the game, and now for the new generation they have just released UNREAL 5 to the public.

It turns out that among the many improvements, lighting, optimization integrated into the system … and more improved compatibility with the Playstation 5 and XBOX serieX, in addition to all that is wonderful and that the game needs a LOT, to stay up to date with the new generation of 2021 games that soon start to arrive, in addition to all this, full system compatibility was announced.

In other words, games developed in UNREAL4 can be posted to UNREAL5 with only minor adjustments and use all of its developed base, which makes it practically mandatory for all games in UNREAL4 to upgrade to 5, after all it is a need of the public for better graphics, better lighting and games more optimized.

I would like to know how fumcom is treating this ?, we players are really watching everything, and we want everything again and better that UNREAL can offer us, WE WANT, this is not a detail, we want to feel updated and playing a new generation game.

I hope you do not make the mistake of bringing the new expansion, which should be used between the end of 2020 and during 2021 (new generation already active) is already overtaken!

Of course we know that this is not a change that will happen in 1 week or 1 month, BUT we hope that funcom is already starting to work on this subject, at least to start studying how it will make the transition.

There are already posts on this.

Bottom line, UE5 isn’t out yet. No it’s not “simple” or “minor” to do engine upgrades, despite what you believe and have posted. It’s not mandatory either for “all UE4 games” to upgrade to UE5. That isn’t practical, at all. I know players are excited for UE5, but expectations really need to be scaled back. Game development isn’t as easy as you are making it out to be here.


Can you link where it said all UE 4 games?

Last i read up, it was UE 4.25. Conan is UE 4.15. but if that has changed, then that is one obstacle out of the way. But in reality, we are probably talking late 2021 before UE 5 is actually in full release. By then, CE may not be economically smart to upgrade for Funcom. Funcom gets nothing from G-portal private rentals,and i think actually pays for officials. DLC’s are all that drive money for CE as far as I know. And those won’t cover the salaries needed to execute the upgrade.


thx :wink:

Why bother with graphical niceness, when playing this game with lowest graphic settings is only way to pass near DLC show-off theme parks 3 times bigger than Sepermeru?


^ that…8/

We know that this would not be a change for now, and I said that above, not for 1 week, 1 month or even 3 months, but funcom needs to start studying the subject, because sometime in the beginning of 2021 or at the end of the year 2020 the new generation will knock on the door.

And past generation games are always dead and extinct, nobody takes a PS1, PS2, OR PS3 game and will play, of course there is that 1%, but they don’t support a market.

From what I read, UNREAL had the “concern” to make the system compatible for this “migration”, and that after this migration the games that were already optimized would be more optimized, and future releases would be more “easy” to be made because the system itself has an automatic optimization, as well as the lighting system similar to “raytrace”, all technology would greatly facilitate the development and the developers would not worry about things they would do manually, and now it will be done automatically by the system.

With that, migrating games from 4 to 5 would not only be for the benefit of the players, AND WE WANT THIS !, but also for the benefit of the easier development of the games and especially for the benefit of servers with extremely optimized games.

Various reasons. I would expect that new features in UE5 aren’t just graphics-related. Each new engine version brings new stuff that could be useful for more than just rendering. Even if it was just rendering, I’m pretty sure that the new features could help the team optimize the rendering of the existing assets, so clients don’t suffer as much lag from “DLC show-off theme parks”.

Speaking of which, those “theme parks” are currently one of the most popular aspects of the PVE(-C) endgame. It might sound harsh, but I think it’s reasonable to expect people who choose to play PVE(-C) on official servers to either deal with it somehow (e.g. by lowering the detail level on their end) or pick something more suitable to their hardware (e.g. a private server or a PVP server). :wink:


Hopefully they will have a buy one get one free sale on PS5 . Time to start up the PS5 savings chest.

Yes, those people who suffer from “theme parks” to my observations are divided in two main camps:

  1. login to update timers and then go play other games, until developers will do something with theme parks
  2. invent sophisticated plans to harm those parks or their owners mental health and self-esteem, and then go to camp #1

If PVE is Player versus Environment, why does Environment nothing versus Players? I observed entire Purge squad trying to demolish t3 wall and failed after 15 minutes of doing it. Should be Purge more active in PVE?

Yes. I’ve been complaining about the Purge for a long time now, because I want to get it more often and more consistently. My typical complaints are:

  • It’s too buggy. Sometimes you’ll get the announcement, repel the first wave and then the Purge just… stops.
  • It’s too hard for a solo player to get Purged, but it’s also hard to recruit people into your clan, thanks to the looming-but-never-activated follower limit.
  • The difficulty is all over the place: I’ve seen newbies get half of their noob river base demolished by a Sobek Purge whereas my big T3 builds kept getting stupid stuff like scorpions, hyenas and spiders.

And all of that is pretty much beside the point for this discussion. Not only it has nothing to do with UE4 vs. UE5, but it would be naive to expect the Purge to act as a compensating factor for your hardware. If the Purge becomes more challenging – which is something I would love to see, because it would be an excellent motivation for me to play more actively – players will adapt. They’ll come up with strategies to protect their massive builds, to build them in more defensible ways, etc.

I suspect that what you want are building limits and restrictions. You might create a suggestion thread for that, but don’t expect it to be very popular :wink:

Have you ever wondered if the UNREAL 5 system compresses Conan’s weight in UREAL 4 to 20% of the current one, developers would have 80% “space” to add in graphical improvements like the vegetation that needs it a lot, and make a world very alive and full of NPCs as we always dream.

And all of this add 3 4 5 6 times the current content with less weight than it is today for servers, at least that’s what they promise, and it must be true after all these professionals would not put their name on the line in announcing this publicly and then disproved by all developers using the platform, they wouldn’t have to lie now!

And automatically the new lighting system would give a visual upgrade to the game even without making improvements, so when we turn the reytrace on and off.

In other words, migrating from UNREAL 4 to 5 is a totally “win or win” situation for players, developers and servers.

Even when I watched Scott Junior’s Live he gave the information that they probably would not need to apply slave limitations anymore, because they had a novelty related to optimization that would make it unnecessary.

It is possible that these statements prove that funcom is already aware of the 80% optimization of UNREAL 5, after all, when the general public, we, are introduced to a product in this way, it is already months in the hands of the developers, even to help in product development, this is how it happens with (dev kit Playstation 5 and xbox) many months before the console is released companies already have a version of the system in hand to develop games and when it is released to the public the games already exist ready .

I hope that my logic is real, a kiss Scott Junior laughs

Just do to way how all newer coding is run, and how the PSV tech handles it. Is what make its better.

Like mentioned, this is something thats gonna take abit of work to Port Conan over, especially with all personally Funcom changes and tweaks that wont port over.

For me… As much as Better looking and Running version is near and awesome…

I already bought DLC and Game…and sadly, Amount of work put in? Ya… I;m sure none of DLC would be honored, Nor would purchase of the game do to amount of work. -_-

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I am afraid you’re right. And maybe this time I will wait before buying the newest Playstation.

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This is also one of those things, were i wish (HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA) Funcom would say there gonna nab PS5 Dev Kits, and may or may not try it… Or look into it.

I know that gets people hopes up…

Or simpley Put priorities to Conan Exiles II as Next Gen… Same theme of CE-1, but totally new exiles map would be fine with me. XD


Yes indeed, thank you.

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rather than graphics, they should continue to polish the game mechanics

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