Thieves are more inventive and creative than Starcallers

I’ve stopped running any purge that leads to base destruction. Especially since I already have all of the purge/T5 thralls.

After running pre-patch level 10 purges and running purges post-patch, I think that the general push for base destruction is not great. Explosive head golems and Starcallers are not as clever and inventive as Thieves (which are an amazing addition) and the Poison Gas Golems (also really fun). I’ve watched a thief slip by, open one door and hop to another, then jam them open. I laughed out loud and thought that was fun and hilarious. The melee golem waves are a really fun addition too.

The slowdown involved with “ok the actual fight was won, but now I need to spend 30 minutes repairing my base” is not fun and the star metal that falls isn’t much of a reward. If you are running 10s prior to the patch you probably have a lot of star metal already or, getting star metal is not at all difficult for you. Additionally, star metal doesn’t help with actual repairs of bases.

While it may never happen I’d love to see star callers and explosive head golems removed and see more clever/smarter opponents come into play. The champions that stride in aren’t really a threat either.

Beast Tamers would be interesting enemies that bring in stronger waves of beasts as you progress up the scale until a level 10 purge has a dragon walking into your base. THAT would be epic.

But right now with the base destruction and the slowdown it causes for repairs, when you really want to just have fun, makes anything above 5 not worth it.

Now bring in some EXCEPTIONAL thralls at higher tiers and I would be all in.

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Another interesting attacker idea. Enemies that breach walls with ladders or ropes? This way you would have to have warriors on your walls to protect your archers or you would have to man the walls to fight them back yourself. Archers would need to focus fire on both sides of the wall and it would make for really chaotic combat.

Update. I am running 8s now with a redesigned base built to take the blows but now I am getting a fatal error from time to time :frowning: