Things I would like to see in Conan Exiles (To the developers)

Conan Exiles seems like a very interesting game, hopefully it will have some objectives to complete and a final goal to achieve at the end of the game like breaking the curse that binds the bracelet to the customized character, if the game only have basic RPG building and exploration then I’m not sure it will be worth playing.

So here are 5 things I would like to see in Conan Exiles:

1- Objective missions: the game doesn’t need a full story with cutscenes to be great but it could use main objectives outside of exploration for immersive experiences.

2- Variety in building: There is nothing more bland and boring than having all the houses looks exactly the same, it takes out the fun in building your very own house.

3- Challenging bosses for legendary loot: I love challenging bosses because they always get easier to beat after every failed attempt, I also love being greatly rewarded for doing so, I really hope single player and multiplayer will offer a lot of good challenging and rewarding bosses.

4- Mounts and partner AI: Having good mounts or vehicules in a vast open world is a must also partner AI can help with combat, hunting or gathering in single player modes which are mostly in certain single player campaigns but it will encourage a lot single players to have more interest in the game.

5- Taming animals: I would like to see players able to tame small to medium size animals like hyenas, wolves, tigers, wild dogs, etc.

I really want to be a part of this communty so I hope that the developers and fans of this game consider and aknowledge my ideas for the game.


I am new to the game but I agree with all those points. Specially having some sort of story and objectives also more unique building pieces and designs.

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2 would be nice
3 is in the game
4 and 5
Have been addressed
and will not be included at this time
however the possibility of inclusion at a later date is possible.
and a free feature if ever they are included.

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I really second this whole point 2!

The northern set of building parts didnt even get a tier 1. :frowning:
Having 3-5 different sets of buildings would be awesome. Even if it takes a while.
And no. My name is not Cain. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Glad to know that 3 is in the game also 4 and 5 would be great even if they were added at a later date.