Things that Conan Exiles does particularly well

I like to now and then make some positive topics on gaming forums complimenting the game, as usually positive feedback is quite sparse on these forums compared to negative feedback.

I think the developers and designers behind this game can be really proud of themselves, especially since this isn’t an AAA budget game and also never had the luxury of getting properly viral.

In no particular order, here are some things I think are very well done:

The general atmosphere and aesthetics

I think the atmosphere and aesthetics are really very well made. It’s just cool to roam around, find out new stuff, explore camps, ruins. The pieces of lore text is fitting. The Cthulhu-Hyborian world is dark and exciting and the many references to Lovecraft’s and Howard’s works have been just a lot of fun to discover.

Overall, the visual design, the lore, the aesthetics - they’re just very well made.

Design of the resource loops

Personally I really like how the tiering between materials work. Steel needs iron and steelfire, but steelfire is also used for making dragon powder which is needed for opening star metal ore nodes.

A lot of resources compete with each other and it’s just a fun puzzle to solve that and to be optimal with resource gathering. I’ve started the game from scratch some half a dozen times and it’s always been plain fun to progress through the resource tiers.

Character leveling, knowledge, attributes

Especially after the last change I feel like these work out decently well. I don’t think it’s fully optimal that builds must be a compromise between crafting/resource gathering and combat prowess as there’s basically an endless supply of Yellow Lotus Potions anyway, but other than that, I do feel there’s generally a decent amount of choice between the stats.

I also like how knowledge points are somewhat limited (at least until you’ve gathered enough fragments of power). It encourages team work and coordination which is an awesome thing. I play pretty much only on a small private server with a bunch of friends, and it’s cool that more people end up contributing something semi-unique to the common base via having a limited supply of knowledge points.

Dungeons and exploration

My favorite!

Exploring and doing dungeons/ruins/vaults/etc with friends is plain awesome.

Two of my favorite dungeons are the Sunken City and Midnight Grove. Midnight Grove when we first did it was longer than we expected and we ran out of repair kits so we had to scavenge for weapons and continue fighting with that scavenged stuff. It was great and it was such a cool thing to experience it the first time with a group of friends and ending up having some actual challenge with finishing it. The dungeons are atmospheric and they really were a blast to get to know. It’s a bit of a shame that the Isle of Siptah doesn’t have similar variety in its dungeons.

That’s that for now, thanks!


The thing that first drew me to the game, other than being a Conan fan since I was a little kid, was how raw and uncensored it was. It is extremely rare to find a game that doesn’t instantly conform to mainstream censorship. What kept me playing was learning how to survive. Figuring out how to make things, knowing the fastest and safest path to take, then knowing what supplies and how much to take with me. After mastering survival and combat, I got into building. For pretty much the last 2 years I have been building huge functional structures, towns, and armies. Other than a few annoying bugs, I have loved every minute of it. Trying to stay positive about the monetization.


Its one of the greatest sandboxes I have ever gotten to play in and has inspired my studio even for an upcoming project.


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