Things that happen in Conan Exiles

This is what happened to me:

For a couple of days I have been looking to find the named Set priest in Sepermeru. Finally I was lucky and found him yesterday in the evening.

I knocked him out, tied him to a rope and dragged him to the next maproom to take him home safley.

After teleporting I realised that I was stuck between my horse and my thrall next to the obelisk. Of course I was standing within the corruption-zone. I tried dodging, jumping, strafing, relocation of thrall, relocation of horse and setting them to explore mode. Nothing would help and corruption was slowly wearing me down. The Set priest was not visible but i knew that I still had him on the rope (though not visible due to the bug we all know…). I so much wanted to keep that guy for it took me so long to find him.

Finally I gave up on the priest and relogged, hoping to be free at least. Nevertheless I found myself trapped in the same situation when I came back.

So what did I do then you might ask?

I f*cking killed my beloved horse which I almost had since I started playing and finally I was free.

So, Exiles, what did you do these buggy days?

During EA, maybe 5 months in, they turned off suicide and starvation. I fell in a crevice between someone’s wall and an embankment and couldn’t get out, couldn’t kill myself, couldn’t starve. I spent 2 months in that crevice. Needless to say, I had to go to another server and start over. Back then, it was hard leveling up and there was no “climb” feature.


That’s the absolute worst case scenario of being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Did you go back and extricate yourself later?

I was standing by my horse on Isle of Siptah looking at its stats etc when i was done I was stuck to my horse somehow… I just mounted and dismounted to get out of it but its a thing with horses atm.

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