Things that need to go or change (imo)

Just a list of things i feel should completely change

  1. Super speed sprinting archer npcs (they should move the same speed as us with the bow, not faster)

  2. npcs starting every fight with lunge attack spam (this is what makes fights not fun or even fair when 4 npcs are all lunging 10 feet around you like idiots)

  3. Any npc with a knock down should also have a cool down applied to said knock down attack so spamming can’t happen (looking at you spiders and red mother)

  4. The tether needs to change badly, a solution to boss kiting is to just make the world bosses not damage player bases and structures……simple. I’m curious as to why it’s not this way instead, and for npcs they should not heal the moment they return, give us a little leeway and make them take a few seconds

  5. Wolves need less health then rhinos or rhinos need more health then wolves……rhinos should not be weaker then wolves like wth? (Wolves are bloody annoying as a common enemy)

  6. Target lock should not be an enemy to us, it should not toss the camera like it does (looking at you lunge spamming npcs)

  7. Hit boxes on most large enemy’s are centralized, that’s why we get stuck in them, this needs to change (no clue to what tho)

  8. To many attacks drag players way to far forward, let us have more control over our attacks ie every strong attack doesn’t need to make us launch forward a few feet

  9. Every npc berserker having a two handed sword. (Let’s see some variety)

  10. Two handed swords over head swing causing the same damage to a player holding a shield up then one not holding one up, and also shield breaks the held shield (two handed swords are not shield breakers it’s not even listed as one and should not be able to since they already have the special attack)

  11. To much shield breaking that isn’t mentioned at anypoint and that doesn’t stay consistent, and shields dropping for no reason from non sheiks break attacks

  12. The new npc stun resistance, this here is junk, complete junk, if you want us to group fight and use less thralls then stop boosting npc resistances, stun is something we need to group fight solo, by the way why do we get massive stun when they don’t……this is my biggest annoyance ever, if you want us to use less thralls then stop with crap like this that no one wants!

These are just a few of my own personal wishes to see changed, by the way if your just here to be one of those “get good” losers move along as the things listed are not “hard” but more along the lines of annoying :wink:

Feel free to add your own things you wanna see gone or changed :blush::drooling_face:

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