Things that no longer drop post loot revamp

I have noticed a couple of things no longer seem to drop post loot revamp (or at least not where they did)

Rare spice - no longer seems to drop from the pirates in bucaneers bay (although skeletons in unnamed city do seem to drop it)

Cooking recipes - Surges on Siptah were a good place to pick these up, but they no longer seem to drop since the loot revamp.

Is this intentional or a side effect of the loot revamp?

holly molly… if recipes (siptah are gone) its really game breaking

Is that supposed to be educational or is my head buried in my yarse again seems to be going on lately. Either way I am trying to get along with everyone lately except one unamed ffffpppp who will be redeemed . Okay will search him out later you must understand my wife would make this her purpose. Sweet loving vindictive as hel a true Barbarian

I haven’t tried a Surge since the lot revamp, but I’m sure I’ve got a couple of Specialist cooking/brewing recipes on Siptah since that. Probably from collecting schematic fragments, or maybe Vaults, I cannot remember. But I’m certain I got at least one duplicate of what I already knew, because I have it in a box in my hidden room, alongside other duplicates I’ve picked up along the way in the vain hope that some day we get a use for them. (You know, we have a latrine now, so I can think of at least one use.)

You mean tier 4, not all the tiers?
I did with @Kazalakis a couple tier 4 surges on 8007 and we had cooking recipes.

Previously I would run tier 2 surges specifically to get the cooking recipes, so they definitely dropped from those

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True, but now only tier 4. Not that i agree, i don’t like this change either, but i didn’t explore Siptah yet to learn if cooking recipes drops elsewhere too. For now, only tier 4 surges, but we have to keep looking fellow exile, the changes are many.

There doesn’t seem to be any way to get Mask of the Witch Doctor in Exiled Lands anymore as they have carelessly removed it from the loot table for Witch Doctor.

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