Things that really need to be look at

Hey! Thank you for your great game. Im taking some time to express few concern about game issue.
1.god altar protection stays forever and the priest can be removed from it without destroying the protection…so people are spawning multiple god protection with only one archpriest.
2.People like to glitch/prevent npcs from spawning…basically the make them unsconcious and drag them somewhere to have the respawn bugged.
3.Infinite running stamina glitch.
4.God are weak actually except for the OP Set god. Destroy everything in 1 hit and attack really fast. The others destroy nothing with 3 hits.
5. Legion armor is way to strong so people arent using the other armor… result that everyone is running with legion armor. Better went you needed heart to craft.
6.Telith sorrow 66 dmg 30 penetration with the penetration mod…or 72 dmg and 15 penetration with dmg mod… too powerful you can slice a guy in half with 1 or 2 hit…7.Landclaim/foundation spamming is completely ridiculous atm…

thank you