Things that would make this the best Survival game of all time

My Experience

The game is fantastic in the early game. Youre trying to survive on your own and find your way in this crazy world where everyone is trying to kill you. Middle game is fun and you finally have some skill and know how to fight and have a base built up but the game feels good.

However, end game in my opinion is just boring. The fights are still hard but just ridiculously hard (im not talking about the actual bosses im talking about like legendary creatures and finding high tier materials but i understand the hunt for high tier materials). You have already built a huge base but you still have to go out and find your own resources even though you have captured hundreds of people and made them slave away on a wheel to just stand somewhere.

All the cities are the same at the end of the day just with different building styles. There is only one friendly city and they are practically useless except to capture thralls with little fight. The “Merchants” only sell one thing at an extreme overcharge considering you only find 3 coins every 15 game hours unless you grind for them. But overall i still really enjoy the game.

My Suggestions to Improve the Game

Firstly the NPC cities should be more lively and allow you to grow attached to one faction.
I think the cities and the players should have a “reputation” so the player can choose the race they like and fight for that city or even build close to them. Have quests in each city to give players some objectives and feel a bit more connected to their city of choice. Make an over all economy or give a fluctuating economy to each city to give coins more meaning and make merchants sell things that that city would have not just one item for 5 coins.

Secondly give the player a chance to forge something for themselves.
Around level 20-25 allow us to build a table like a command post or something that tracks how much drinkable water, food, and bed space we have and allow random npcs to come and settle in our player built cities if we have enough to accommodate them. Allow us to give these npcs roles or give the npcs predetermined roles like merchant/cook/builder/woodcutter/miner and let us build a thriving city where we have an economy and living population of people where we can have sickness, food shortages, diplomacy with the other factions.

Lastly the world of Conan Exiles needs to feel alive.
Faction wars every now and then we could take part in and help fight for the faction we prefer. This could be to give a certain faction a better economy or luxury resources or some kind of pro. And if we decided to build our own city allow it to be recognized by the other factions and fight against or with them for these resources or what ever it may be.

All in all I enjoy the game where it is and intend to stick around to see what the devs come up with in the future but I think these things or similar things would just make this game a staple for the Survival Genre as well as give the game many many more hours for the players to enjoy.


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